How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

Hello everyone,wish you all a very Happy Choti Holi.Tomorrow is holi and it is obvious for all of you to be excited to celebrate the festival of colours with your family and friends.Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India,especially amongst children,who look forward to it.Smeared in rich and vibrant hues,holi brings colour,joy and happiness all around.The festival of Holi brings happiness and enthusiasm on one hand and the pain of taking off colours on the other.So today’s post is going to be on How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated and popular festivals in the country,especially in Northern India.It brings together a mix of tasty mouth watering delicacies,colour filled water balloons and the vibrant rainbow colours.Holi is a festival played every year to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.Holi is that time of the year when people come together to share their joy.Unlike,the days gone by when colours were made from natural ingredients,today,we atually don’t know what goes in those artificial colours.

Dyes,chemicals,heavy metals,elements like acids, mica and dangerous alkalis have replaced those natural ingredients like turmeric,rose petals and tesu flowers etc.Holi is finally here and as you get mentally prepared to be drenched in colour by family and friends it is extremely important that you also protect yourself from toxic colours.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

What Can You Do Before Playing Holi?

1.Always remember to apply olive oil or coconut oil to your whole body atleast half an hour before you go out to play holi.It acts as a protective layer.Dryness makes skin more vulnerable to toxic colours.When your skin is dry,the chemicals can penetrate deep into the skin and can cause more damage.It also becomes very difficult to remove the colours from dry skin.

2.Cover your body as much as you can.Wear full sleeve clothes.Lesser the area exposed lesser it is smeared in colour and as a result lesser pain to remove the colour.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

3.Make sure to apply a waterproof sunscreen lotion to your whole body  as it will protect you from getting severly tanned.Tanning and sun allergy can occur during your hours in the sun and a sunblock lotion with atleast SPF 30 for UVA and UVB protection will protect your skin.

4.Paint your nails with the darkest nail paint possible so that the holi colours don’t stain your nails.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

5.Take care of your hair by applying either coconut oil or olive oil so that the hair remains unaffected.Holi colours can dry out the hair so it is always advisable to oil your hair properly beforehand.An even better option is to cover your hair with a scarf,cap or a bandana.

6.Remember to apply some vaseline behind your ears and on your ear lobes as these are the points where colour tends to settle down easily.

7.Especially ladies should avoid wearing light coloured cotton clothes as they might become transparent when played with water.

8.The chemicals in the colours can cause irritation to the eyes,even the herbal colours are not at all safe for your eyes.It is not recommended to wear lenses while playing holi.While holi colours can cause irritability,lenses have a tendency to absorb the colours,thereby making things worse.Avoid going in the crowd and avoid throwing colours on the face as the colour can go into your eyes and cause abrasion.Even if some colours go into your eye,splash your eyes with cold water.It is advisable to wear protective glasses while playing holi.Even an old pair of sunglasses is a good idea and it looks fashionable too.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

9.Apply lip balm to your lips to keep them hydrated and moisturized.

10.Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.Keep drinking water,thandai,juices,glucose drinks to avoid dehydration. Dehydration causes your skin to dry out and combined with harsh chemicals the colours might set deep into your skin.

Precautions while playing Holi

1.Avoid sitting in the sun with the colours on your face and body.This will tan your skin and it makes the colours even more difficult to wash off.Try to sit in shade even it it is outdoors.

2.Always use herbal colours to play holi.Do not use dark colours like purple,dark blue or orange as they are difficult to remove.Instead opt for lighter colours like light pink,light green or yellow as they are easy to remove.

3.Do not use permanent dyes  as they are very difficult to get rid off and they are very dangerous for your skin.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Routine

1.Use lukewarm water to wash off the colours from your face and body.Stand under the shower for 5 minutes and let the water dissolve and wash off the colours from your body.

2.You should never rub your face or body vigorously to remove the colours.It won’t help in removing the colous at all,on the other hand,it will damage your skin.You can use a mix of gram flour(besan)with curd to remove traces of colour.Use it as a ubtan on your entire body,let it dry for sometime and take it off by rubbing it in circular motions.

3.Do not opt for facial,scrub or bleach or any salon procedures for 2-3 days after holi,it will cause irritation and instead of coming out the colours will settle deep into your skin.

4.Lemon is considered as an excellent  bleaching agent.Rub lemon wedges on your face and body to remove the stains of colours.

5.For the face,use olive oil dipped in cotton pads to remove the colour.

How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair on Holi

6.Hair may become extremely dry and brittle due to the colours so you should use a mild shampoo to wash of the oil that you have applied before playing holi.After the hair wash use a leave in conditioner to give extra nourishment to your hair.Apply a hair mask 2-3 days to treat the damage done to your hair.

7.Do not use soap on your body,try using a shower gel instead to wash off the colours.Soap may dry out the skin all the more.

8.After taking a bath lather your whole body with a moisturizing cream or body lotion to restore the moisture of the skin.

9.Avoid going in the sun till your skin has time to recover.

10.You can also use a granular scrub on the body and your face to get rid of the colours thoroughly.

You can also try out THIS face and body scrub.

11.Do not use kerosene,petrol or spirit to remove stains as they can further dry up your skin.

It is true that colours used on Holi causes a lot of allergies,skin irritation and breakouts but it is also true that with a little precaution and by following these simple steps you’ll be able to save yourself from any problem.Happy Holi in advance and have a safe Holi.

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