Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

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Got a bun in the oven, but are lusting over beautiful nails? Well, pregnancy is a phase that gets most women paranoid about their health. From lipsticks and nail polishes to hair colors and other beauty treatments, there are various myths pregnant women follow blindly.

If you’re a mommy-to-be who is scared of wearing fake nail extensions, we are here with a solution for your nail woes. Now you can have a miracle nail product for your nails that gives you both safety and the look of acrylics. And that miraculous product is, yes you guessed it right, press-on nails.

Let’s understand whether it is safe for pregnant women to wear press-on nails. Here’s a deep dive into the precautionary measures that you need to follow.

Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

We know what you’re curious about. The answer to your question is, yes! Press-on nails are safe during pregnancy. Press-ons are nothing but an easier, DIY alternative to salon nail enhancements. These predesigned nail sets are versatile and beautiful when it comes to doing your at-home manicures.

The reason press-on nails are considered safe during pregnancy is that they do not involve harsh procedures like those in other nail extensions. You do not have to interact with strong UV or LED rays from the curing lamp or inhale harmful chemicals from monomers or gels. You can have safer nail extensions with glue-on nails provided you invest in good-quality and non-toxic products.

Why are Pregnant Women allowed only Press-On Nail Extensions?

There are certain reasons why medical professionals think press-ons are safe and sustainable:

  • Wearing press-on nails is the quickest and most convenient among all other fake nail extensions. You need not visit a salon for it.
  • They offer the least exposure to harmful chemicals minus the glue. Not just acrylics, even traditional nail polishes have harsh chemicals. Press-ons are a chemical-free and tension-free solution.
  • There is no requirement for curing your nails resulting in zero exposure to harmful UV/LED lights. Prolonged exposure to these is not advisable for moms-to-be.

Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

Precautionary Measures While Wearing Press-Ons During Pregnancy

All you need is to be safe against certain risk factors:

  • Just as you read all food labels and Google everything before consuming, it is important to understand your press-on nails’ ingredients. Make sure you buy eco-friendly and cruelty-free sets and use non-toxic glues to wear them. Avoid store-bought, cheap sets, and stay away from acetone in your DIY manis. Get custom sets designed by a professional nail tech and inform them about your pregnancy in advance. Avoid acrylic and gel nails altogether.
  • Just as you ensure personal hygiene in all ways during your pregnancy journey, it is essential to maintain the same when it comes to your nails. As your body is prone to infections at that time, ensure you work in clean spaces and use clean and sanitized products and tools. Avoid being harsh or quick in your manicures and look that you don’t cause any cuts or pains. Be careful not to inhale the dust from buffing your nails; wear a mask if needed.

Are Press-On Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

  • Just as you maintain the cleanliness of all parts of your body, make sure your press-ons are clean all the time while wearing. Wear shorter lengths and choose less edgy shapes. Avoid sharp squares or long coffins. Regularly clean under your nail surface with soapy water. Refrain from scratching yourself with stick-on nails, especially on your privates as you’re vulnerable there. Make sure there isn’t any bacterial or fungal growth on the surrounding skin.
  • Just as your fingers and other body parts have acupressure points, so do your nailbeds. So, avoid applying too much pressure when sticking the press-ons. Be careful that not too much pressure is induced on these points.
Wrapping Up Press-On Nails During Pregnancy

Remember, pregnancy is a special time, so prioritize both your well-being and that of your baby. By choosing high-quality, non-toxic press-on nails and following safe application practices, expectant mothers can enjoy stylish nails without compromising their health. Your well-being comes first, so always prioritize safety while indulging in your favorite beauty routines. Feel fabulous and confident with beautiful press-ons, knowing you’ve made the safest choice.

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