Powerful Submitting Techniques for Grapplers in BJJ

Powerful Submitting Techniques for Grapplers in BJJ

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Brazilian jiu jitsu originated from Japan as the Japanese transferred it into a very civilized  art which is named jiu jitsu. Later this sophisticated art was moved to South america. Jiu jitsu became popular all over the world, when it reached in america. Today most of the people are practising jiu jitsu for various reasons, the most common reason is for self defense. So if you want to learn jiu jitsu and want to become a skilled athlete, it is important for you to learn every move precisely. You must have all the information about the right moves, and the techniques along with that you need a lot of practise as well. In order to become an outstanding grappler, you need to practice BJJ submission techniques by hand. So there are various BJJ submission techniques, including chokes and body parts. Keep in mind that before learning these techniques, make sure that these techniques are valid in IBJJF competitions or not. Also, be aware of illegal techniques as well, if somebody tries to use them on you. The most important techniques which you should learn are choke hold and armbar.

Powerful Submitting Techniques for Grapplers in BJJBjj also boosts your body fitness, and the practice of these skills makes you understand how you can use your legs to have control over your opponent. Every time you train, you get stronger both physically and mentally. Before training BJJ techniques make sure to wear a sweat-wicking and stretchable gym outfit. Elite sports gym outfits are super comfortable and durable and are available at affordable prices.

So in today’s blog, I am going to enlist the most powerful jiu-jitsu techniques which you can start practicing from today to pierce your BJJ competition.

Triangle Choke Submission

The submission is executed when the striker covers his legs upon his/her opponent’s neck, making( commonly) leaving one arm of the striker inside the “leg wrap” and the other arm of a striker out. With the triangle choke, the pressure is exerted on the opponent’s neck, which ultimately affects the blood flow and makes the opponent go to sleep or escape.

How does a triangle choke hurt?

The triangle chokes are one of the most deadly techniques that can be pulled off from the guard. Utilizing the legs to isolate an opponent’s head and arm, the chokes utilize the arteries and shoulders and cut off the arteries around the neck area, many times putting your opponent to sleep.

Guard Triangle Choke 

In order to fix the hold, put your right foot under your left knee. Similarly to execute the choke, place both of your hands at the back of your striker’s head. Start pushing your hips in the upward direction, while pulling the head of your opponent in the downward position.

Powerful Submitting Techniques for Grapplers in BJJ

Bow and Arrow Technique

The bow and arrow choke technique that is also known as the ‘BERIMBAU” choke is also another most effective choking technique, which relies on the attacker grabbing one of his opponent’s collars from a back control type situation and the free arm controlling the closet leg.

The bow and arrow choke is also known as blood choke, in order to execute it, you have to hold your opponent’s opposite collar with one of your hands and exert pressure on his/her neck.

How to execute bow and arrow technique?

In order to execute this technique be sure that the legs of your opponents are accurately hooked and trapped. Afterward, you need to hold your opponent from his/her throat, after that start pulling your opponent from his/her collar. After doing this you will notice that your opponent has been tapping, this approach is adequate to create enough pressure to create a choke in some situations.

As in all of my blogs, I discuss the fact that if you want to start any type of workout make sure that your gym outfits are stretchable and provide you much relief during your workout sessions. Elite sports offers stretchable, yet durable gym attire that is suitably designed for your workout sessions.

You might find yourself comfortable pulling out your leg below your opponent, while you are pulling the collar of your opponent. At this point, all you need to do is to hold the knee of your opponent, you can also pull them with the help of their trousers. Afterward, the next step should be that you have to hold your opponent’s head so that you can easily grab his hands, and pull him with both of your hands. Ultimately it will create a lot of pressure on your opponent’s throat and will tape him out, in some cases, the opponents are tapping out and they ultimately go to sleep.

Sleeve Choke

The sleeve choke is also known as advanced rear nacked choked. In sleeve choke you actually exert the pressure on the neck area and upon the carotid artery of your opponent. When you are wearing GI it is not easy to execute sleeve choke. It will also work during scrambles, from inside your opponent’s guard and from the bottom of the side mount.

How do you beat Ezekiel choke?

Finishing is easy, as this is the palm whose fingers go inside the gi sleeves of the opposite arm. The finish is similar to the rear-naked choke. In terms of the Ezekiel choke, think of it as one done from the back with the inclusion of the opponent’s shoulder inside the choke.

Rear-nacked choke

In a rear-naked choke, the blood flow from the heart to the brain of your opponent is obstructed. It is executed when the pressure from the arm against the jugular vein in the neck creates the obstruction of the blood flowing from the brain towards the heart.

How to execute the rear-nacked choke?

In order to execute the rear nacked control, you must be standing behind your opponent, and make sure to have a strong grip for controlling your opponent. You can create a stronghold on your opponent, by holding them with their shoulder, with your arm, and place your other arm under the armpit, now with your lower hand hold the wrist of your top opposite hand.

The position should be such that your fingers should be in claw position and your forearm should be underneath their chin ( against the neck) in order to create the choke. It’s most likely that your opponent will try to block the choke by placing their hand and by making a strong grip between neck and forearm. But spontaneously you have to knock off this hand with the help of your forearm. Now use your lower hand and put it directly at the back of your opponent’s neck. Create a lot of pressure, by holding your bicep (from the top), also use your head to create a lock during choke. Now expand your leg, make a bridge with your back to end the choke with more pressure and more power. Bring them to the end by compressing your whole body.

Straight Armbar

The straight armbar is considered the most authentic and energetic submission in BJJ. The good thing about straight armbar choke is that you can apply it from anywhere you want, I mean from any position you can apply it including side mount, rear mount, from the ground or knee mount. Other than that if you need to end the fight then I would say straight armbar is the best choice which you should opt for.

Arm Lock Submission

Arm lock is the best submission which makes you win lots of combat fights. In arm lock you have to oscillate one of your legs over the neck of your opponent, while your opponent is lying on the floor. Make sure that one of the arms of your opponent(that is closer to you)  should be between your thighs, in order to have hold over his arm. Now gradually lift up your hips so that the joint of your opponent should  start bending. Afterwards, deliver the lock when you feel your opponent is tapping.

Powerful Submitting Techniques for Grapplers in BJJAnkle Lock

To execute the ankle lock, you need to take down your opponent first on the mat, afterwards just enfold your left arm under the foot of your opponent while holding your  right wrist firmly. At this point make sure that your left bicep along with your wrist should be holding the ankle of your opponent. At this stage your right hand is free to move the foot of your opponent away from your body. Now you can exert a lot of pressure on the ankle joint of your opponent. In ankle lock is the most dangerous submission, while you are executing it you need to be very careful. Keep it in your mind that if you are executing it in an aggression it’s obvious that you can break the ankle  of your opponent within seconds.

Beside that, there are certain moves that are not legal in jiu jitsu, and those moves are scissor takedown, jumping to close guard, pulling your opponent back from the turtle position.

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