Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young Forever

Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young Forever

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It has been estimated that 90 percent of people practice yoga to get relief from stress and anxiety, for achieving body flexibility, and for having better health and fitness. It also brings together physical and mental discipline in order to achieve a peaceful body and mind, other than that it also helps to manage stress and anxiety and also keeps you relaxed. Besides that, it also helps you to control your mind, body, and soul as well, you can also increase your flexibility, body strength, and tone of your body by practicing yoga.

Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young ForeverGood yoga practice is the one that allows its practitioners to achieve peace, with themselves and the external world they inhabit. The spiritual aspect of yoga helps you to get clarity of mind, and mental peace as well. A general rule of thumb is that yoga is best when you practice it two to five times a week. As you ease your way into a consistent practice schedule, that’s a good goal to aim for! Over time, you might find that your body can handle five to six-session each week, but that depends upon you. If that’s what you want.  Once we reach our 30s, our body’s flexibility, balance, and strength get affected along with that we also start to feel pain and aches in various areas of our body. If you get mentally old it won’t look too bad, but if you get physically old it does not look appealing. So, if you want to look younger and want to have healthier skin then yoga should be your best choice. There are several poses of yoga that you can perform on a daily basis several times a week at any suitable time. Take a start for each pose by relaxing yourself first, take a few breaths, and get started from where you feel comfortable. If you remain too stressed out then it’s obvious that there are chances that you might get older earlier. For that, you need to take a break and start practicing the various poses of yoga that can make you look younger.

Child Pose

This pose helps you to calm your mind, reduces your anxiety, and fatigue, along with that it also improves the blood circulation to your head as well. Through child pose, you are able to make your spine, ankles, thigh, and hip stretched as well, which makes you feel much more relaxed. Along with deep breathing exercises, a child pose can calm your mind, reducing anxiety and fatigue. Child pose also increases the blood circulation to your head as well. When you start practicing child pose, it increases the flexibility of your back, hip, front of thighs, top to ankle, upper back/shoulders if your arms are forward.

How to Perform a Child Pose?

Get on the floor, with your hips wide apart and your toes together. Now put your hands upon your thighs. When you exhale, start bending your torso in between your knees. With your hands touching the floor, extend your arms alongside your body. Once you are on the ground, make your shoulders relaxed. Stay in this pose as long as you need it.

Tree Pose

Tree pose improves balance and stability in your legs. It also strengthens the tendons, and ligaments of your feet, along with that assists the body in establishing pelvic stability too. Tree pose also helps you to maintain your balance as well. Strengthen and tone the entire standing leg, up to the buttocks and assist the body in establishing pelvic stability.

Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young ForeverHow to Perform Tree Pose?

Take a start with the standing position, tall back with your feet aligned and touching. Take a few breaths and find someplace or any object in the room to focus your attention.  Stretch your arms straight up towards the roof with palms pressed together forming an inverted V. If your shoulders are much flexible, you can press your palms together in a prayer position, overhead. Stay in this position for like one minute.

How Long Should you do the Tree Pose?

Inhale as you extend your arms overhead, reaching your fingertips to the sky. Rotate your palms inward to face each other. If your shoulders are more flexible, you can press your palms together in a prayer position, overhead. Pause up to one minute.

Warrior Pose

It’s also an anti-aging exercise that strengthens your shoulders, arms, ankles, back, and legs. It also helps to open up your hips, chest, and lungs. You can also improve your focus, balance, and stability through it. This exercise also helps to encourage good circulation and respiration. By performing this pose you can also stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, neck, belly, and ankles. It also energizes your body too.

How Long Should you Hold for the Warrior Pose?

If you are a beginner, you should hold on for 5 seconds on each side and repeat this pose three times. If you have heart issues, anemia, or breathing problems you should perform this pose, under someone’s supervision. Once you are done don’t forget to get relaxed and cool down after the warrior pose.


They are also one of the poses in yoga that will make your skin look younger and healthier. Along with that by practicing this exercise you can make your thigh muscles much stronger which helps to protect your knees from getting injured and also prevent your joint from pain.

Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young ForeverHow to Perform Squats

In order to perform, squats start with the standing position, your arms should be at the side of your torso and your feet should be together. Start lowering your body down as if you are sitting in the invisible chair. Now straighten up your legs to lift your back up. Now once again repeat this movement again.

Downwards Dog Position (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

The downward dog position makes your upper body strength much stronger and also provides a comfortable stretch to your spine and back as well. The advantage of performing this pose is that it stimulates the blood flow, improves your posture, and also tunes your foot muscles as well.

How to Perform a Downward Dog Position?

In order to perform a downward dog position, raise your body up and back into the posture. Put your palms down on the floor, raise the knees of the mat while you are shifting your stomach towards the thighs. Now start lifting your hips up and straighten up your legs as well. Keep your toes pointing forward.


Planks help you to have a healthy posture, improves your balance and coordination, also improves your body core strength, improves your mental health, along with that improves your body flexibility too. Plank is one of the most important poses in yoga for lots of good reasons. You can build up power and abdominal strength in your arms and wrist each time you visit this grounding pose. You’ll also strengthen the muscle surrounding the spine, which improves posture.

Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises to Make you Feel Young ForeverSome people may ask if planks are included in yoga? So, my answer is that plank is the most basic and essential pose in yoga for lots of good reasons. You’ll also strengthen the muscle surrounding the spine, which improves your posture too.

How to Perform Planks?
  1. Position your elbow underneath your shoulders
  2. Make and maintain a straight body line from head to heel
  3. Now squeeze your butt and front of your thighs, take a deep breath, and with the help of your palm try to lift up yourself, as if you are in a push-up position.
  4. Directly look at the floor, make sure your neck is in the neutral position, now take a deep breath
  5. Hold on to this position for 10 seconds and then start lowering your back towards the floor.
Seated Twist

This yoga pose not only makes you look younger but also makes your spine healthier and also helps to make your back muscles tight. Seated spinal twist is a restorative yoga pose that improves your digestion, and also promotes your spinal mobility. Twisting postures also help to tone up your belly, massage internal organs and can help relieve lower back pain. Often performed towards the end of a sequence, this pose is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating.

How to Perform Seated Twists?

Try to sit in a comfortable way with your spine in an upward position and straight. You can also use a cushion or blanket too.

Now inhale and keep on sitting in a straight manner. Exhale and pull your right arm down. Place your elbow outside of your left leg. Turn your chest, head, and eyes to the left. Hold this pose for a minute.

Bottom line

Cortisol and stress levels are also reduced when practicing yoga, which helps your body to maintain less body fat and improve blood circulation to all our body parts adding to that glowing skin factor, which contributes to anti-aging. It is also effective in making your skin healthier and eases wrinkles too. So, the above-mentioned yoga exercises surely slow down your aging process, and would surely help you look younger.

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