Immediate and Long-term SMP Aftercare Practices That You Need to Know

Immediate and Long-term SMP Aftercare Practices That You Need to Know

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Undergoing a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment (SMP) is pretty much the same as any regular medical procedure. It will require you to carefully follow aftercare practices. You will need to be extra careful and vigilant immediately right after undergoing the procedure. You will also need to practice aftercare practices long after the procedure is over.

 Immediate and Long-term SMP Aftercare Practices That You Need to Know

The SMP procedure is non-invasive so it’s easy to assume that not much aftercare will be required. It is not the case though. And you will learn everything you need to know about it in this article.

What You Need To Do Right After The Procedure

Immediately right after undergoing the procedure, you need to have the following mindset:

  • Your scalp will need time to recover
  • Your scalp will need to be protected
  • You can’t immediately return to your daily lifestyle right after the procedure

You need to keep the following in mind because you’d need to observe the following:

  • For 3 days, refrain from rubbing your head
  • For 3 days, refrain from touching your head
  • For 3 days, refrain from washing your head
  • For 3 days, you won’t be allowed to participate in any sweat-inducing activity. You should cancel your schedule to go to the gym or sauna. You shouldn’t be biking or hiking. You’d still sweat because it’s unavoidable. But what is advised is not going out of your way to do sweat-inducing activities.
  • For 5 days, don’t do any heavy exercise.
  • If you’re up for another SMP treatment, make it a point to have your scalp moisturized. A moisturized scalp is best when undergoing another round of SMP procedures.
  • After 7 days, you may then start cleaning your scalp. Use a gentle facial cleanser for this.
  • For 1 month, avoid being exposed to direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays can damage your scalp. This is necessary because a damaged scalp will not allow for proper micropigmentation to duly set in.
  • After 4 days from your final treatment, you may start to regularly moisturize the area

You should not feel alarmed if you’d notice scabs on your scalp days after undergoing the treatment. Such an occurrence is normal. The scabs will disappear once your scalp is fully healed. Check-in with experts from Luxe Micro if you want to know more about immediate SMP aftercare practices.

Long-term Aftercare Practices

Once the micropigmentation has set in, you need to have the following mindset when tending to your scalp — the simpler the better.

To ensure that it looks fabulous and lush at all times, you should observe the following:

 Immediate and Long-term SMP Aftercare Practices That You Need to Know

  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Always cover your head when you’re about to have sun exposure
  • Always use a scarf or a hat to protect your head from harmful sun exposure
  • Moisturize your scalp daily. Use a lightweight moisturizer.
  • Use an exfoliating cleanser on your head to ensure that it remains looking fabulous for years to come
  • Avoid tanning beds. Using them can speed up the rate of pigment fading.
Why do you need to practice aftercare on your head?

SMP procedures create long-lasting results that can be enjoyed for years to come. A well-maintained scalp that has undergone SMP will still look lush and vivacious for at least 8 years. However, you may not enjoy it for long if you fail to observe immediate and long-term aftercare practices. This is because failure to observe due aftercare will result to the following:

  1. Discoloration

    Discoloration will take place if you’d fail to observe aftercare practices. This is because the pigments will not get fully set into your scalp. Exposing your scalp to harsh UV rays and sweating excessively will greatly affect the pigment’s setting process. SMP experts don’t just randomly choose a pigment for you. The pigment’s color is chosen carefully to ensure that it matches your skin tone and looks ever lush and healthy as years go by. Not observing proper care will hinder the ink to properly set in. It can also affect the ink’s color intensity. This is why even before it can even properly set in, it will already lose its luster. This is why it will look odd and discolored all the more once it has set in and you failed to observe proper aftercare.

  2. Fading

    you need to give your scalp the proper time to heal into the pigment of the ink. If no proper recovery time is given, your scalp will not easily adjust to the pigments. Its setting won’t be complete and it will easily fade. This is the case because no proper period was observed to allow the scalp to be free from liquid, excessive sweating, and harmful UV rays.

  3. Infection

    – failing to observe proper aftercare can also lead to infection. It is critical that you avoid touching and rubbing your head because it can easily get infected. Keep in mind that all the tiny ink dots are tiny wounds. You just underwent a meticulous tattoo procedure and you should duly consider all pigment insertion as an open wound. Given that you’d be living with an open wound for at least a month, you should be extra careful. Always wash your hands. Ensure that you remain hygienic and clean at all times. The speed of your scalp’s recovery and healing will greatly depend on how careful you observed aftercare practices.

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