How Herbal Treatments Can Ease Your Sinusitis

How Herbal Treatments Can Ease Your Sinusitis

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Occasional sinus pain can be annoying and frustrating to go through. Now imagine suffering from sinusitis, which results in sinus pain on an almost continuous basis. For those who go through chronic sinusitis, the pain can become a little overwhelming. It can get to a point where you are not able to perform your daily routine – such as going to work or spending time with family – without being uncomfortable.

Your doctor will help you with treatment to try and get rid of the issue. But sometimes treatment can take a long time to impact your body, or it may not help at all. That is why you need other solutions to ease the symptoms of sinusitis and other sinus-related issues. Here are some herbal treatments that can help:

How Herbal Treatments Can Ease Your Sinusitis

  1. Spices

Surprisingly, spicy foods such as hot mustard, peppers, horseradish and wasabi are great for fighting sinus-related pain and discomfort. Because these hot foods will help clear your sinuses, it will provide you with relief. Sometimes the relief is only temporary, but even a couple hours of relief each day can feel great for those who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

  1. Bromelain

A protein that we find in the stems of pineapples, bromelain is fantastic for dealing with sinus-related issues. It is used to help fight swelling in the body, and it can help clear up your nasal passages in a significant way. Just ensure that you are speaking with your doctor before you start taking bromelain, because it can react badly with some of the medication that you may be getting for sinusitis. But in most cases, you will be cleared to use it as part of your anti-sinusitis regime!

How Herbal Treatments Can Ease Your Sinusitis

  1. Cannabidiol

A substance that is found in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, can help very much if you are suffering from sinusitis. Some of the bacteria that cause sinusitis are resistant to antibiotics. That is why your medication may not be helping. And studies have shown that cannabidiol can stop these bacteria from causing more harm in your body. You would not only be cured of your sinusitis, but you would not need to take antibiotics either if you get Cannabidiol from American Hemp Oil, to name just one online source. You can purchase CBD oil legally in the United States – with many online retailers offering 100 percent natural and pure CBD oil at low prices.

Even if the CBD oil does not clear your condition completely, it will help immensely with the symptoms. We know that CBD helps to alleviate pain, makes you feel more comfortable, promotes appetite and is anti-inflammatory. So you will not only be targeting the condition itself, but you are also going to feel much better each day you use CBD oil!

  1. Water

Something that is already a part of our diet can help you with sinusitis – water! If you only drink a couple glasses of water a day, your lack of hydration may be making your sinusitis symptoms even worse. Hydration is great for ensuring your sinuses are moist, which makes them easy to clear and eliminates some of the pain and discomfort. To monitor your water intake, ensure your urine is always clear and similar to water. If your urine is starting to appear yellow, you need more water!

This is a Guest Post by Walter Barrington.

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