Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control?

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control? 

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One of the most common problem areas on the body that most women wish that they would not have is the tummy. Women, especially mothers need all the support they can get to control the tummy and that support comes in the form of an amazing shapewear. A type of undergarment that firms up the body by flattening the tummy, slims the waistline and thighs, and enhancing the rear, shapewear can create a smooth foundation to make clothes fit better.

Shapewear will be able to minimize the tummy, offer excellent shaping and makes one feel confident for every occasion. Luckily, there are many different options to choose from but it can be rather daunting to know where to start if you are in the market for the best shapewear for tummy and waist. Every woman’s tummy size and shape are different.  Different styles of shaping garments are designed to sculpt different targeted areas. Here are some of the top recommendations for tummy control.

Best Tummy Control Shapewear 

Ahead are some of the favorite shapewear you can try that will slim and control the flabby tummy.

Protruding Tummy

This style of shapewear can be found in many women’s closets. It will suck everything in, leaving you feeling and looking fabulous in your outfit. This cami shapewear bodysuit is designed specifically to target the tummy and abdominal area. It offers light control shaping bodysuit for an all-over smoothing. What’s great is that this body shaper firms the tummy, hips, thighs and rear, while lifting the breast & buttocks.

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control? Image  – https://www.shapellx.com/products/powerconceal-lycra-cami-seamless-bodysuit?

The Tummy Paunch

Women who are slim but have a stubborn little paunch on the belly area that is difficult to eliminate no matter how hard they workout or diet, then the shapewear style that focuses on the core tummy area is the ideal choice. A pair of tummy control shapewear panty like this below is ideal for shaping, smoothing and holds in all the right places. The ergonomic shape with power mesh lining offers extra coverage for the tummy, hips and back. It features body contour design on the tummy and rear area to highlight the back for a firm and lifted look.

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control? Image – https://www.shapellx.com/products/powerconceal-tummy-control-butt-lifter?

The Spare Tyre Belly

The spare tyre belly is one of the most common tummy types that women have. Women who tend to sit in front of the computer all day or those who do not have regular exercise will have this problem. The best way to hide this abdominal fat is to wear a shapewear that offers firm control. A high waisted style is the best to prevent any flabby tummy or muffin tops. This high waist shaping short will be able to instantly hide the spare tyre tummy. It features five high quality steel boning that contours the waist into an hourglass shape and has triple layer of material for a firm hug. The rubber string waistband keeps it in place. It is also specially designed to give the butt a lift naturally.

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control? Image – https://www.shapellx.com/products/airslim-firm-shaping-high-waist-shorts?

The Mom’s Tummy

A woman’s body changes naturally over the years and especially after childbirth, a bulge appears in the midsection. This usually occurs because the abdominal muscles were stretched and weakened during pregnancy. One of the best ways to hide the mom’s tummy is a shapewear that offers firm control from the upper tummy area. In this case, an under bust full body shapewear is the perfect choice. This garment offers maximum compression and stops right under your bust line for a full-coverage shaping. It not only cinches the waist and flatten the tummy, its mid-thigh shorts design also helps to contour and slims your legs.

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control? Image – https://www.shapellx.com/products/airslim-tummy-control-body-shaper-with-butt-lifter

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