Priveda Vita Shake Review

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Hello Everyone,

Recently I started gaining a lot of weight all thanks to the lockdown due to this pandemic. All I did was eat and sleep which led to a sudden increase in my weight specially around my belly area. The last couple of months have been really tough for all of us due to this pandemic. I gained almost 5-6 kgs in these last two months and that really took a toll on my mental health. I am not that tall so a slight increase in weight makes me look very fat. A couple of days back when the lockdown ended I started to work out and shed all that extra kilos that I had put on. I started with a mix of cardio and some easy home workouts and with that I also started to eat healthy.  A friend of mine who is into body building and modelling suggested me to try out the Priveda Vita Shake. I searched for it on Amazon, read the reviews, went through the ingredient list and decided to order it as the ingredients sounded very promising. I have been consuming the Priveda Vita Shake for around 20 days now so I thought of sharing the review with you guys so that you could also benefit from this miraculous meal supplement.

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Added benefits of Vita Shake:
  • Auur Priveda Vita Shake consists of 30 vital nutrients including a large range of vitamins- Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and minerals- phosphorus, calcium, magnesium etc. that keeps you loaded with energy for a long time.
  • While working out would have added advantages, but Vita Shake can solely help tackle it. You may simply need to replace 1 or 2 meals with Vita Shake in order to feel full for 3-4 hours without having to hit the gym for an intense workout. For people who prefer to consume protein shakes with exercising, it is best to consume protein shakes pre or post workout.
  • Special ingredient such as green coffee bean extract containing chlorogenic acid – a source of antioxidant that help lower blood pressure in turn helping in weight loss.
  • The presence of green tea leaf extract help regulating hormones that enhance thermogenesis- a process by which your body burns calories to digest food and produce heat, which in turn helps to enhance metabolism.
  • Vita shake helps strengthen your muscles, without you having to involve a tedious activity. Therefore, losing a considerable amount of weight at a fast pace of about 2-3 weeks is what you can aim at.
  • Vita Shake tastes like real chocolate; therefore, one can never get bored of having it. It delivers a good taste with both milk and water.

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Product Description:
  • 🏋🏽‍♀️ KEEPS ME FULL FOR LONG TIME – PRIVEDA Vitashake is an exceptional meal replacement product that curbs hunger for up to four hours to keep you satisfied
  • 💫 PERFECT BLEND OF INCREASING METABOLISM AND HORMONAL BALANCE – Vitashake is a Complete Food Supplement that is a perfect blend of 30 vital nutrients containing a wide range of vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K etc. that help strengthen bones, replenish the body and maintains energy for longer.
  • 🍪 GREAT TASTE – Chocolate Royale Flavor, meal replacement Shake Vitashake Powders are a delicious way to lose weight
  • 🙂 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – Contain 3 grams of fiber to help promote better digestion and Gluten Free
  • 🥗 REPLACE TWO MEALS PER DAY – One size scoop 25g serving contains a third of your recommended daily intake of most essential vitamins and minerals, this keeps your body running strong during the day
Ingredients of the Priveda Vita Shake:

Ultrafiltered whey protein Concentrate, Chicory Root,Fiber, Cocoa Powder,Herbs Blend,Vitamins & Minerals Blend, Digestive Blend, & Natural Sweetner.


Mix 1 Scoop in 250ml of milk or water shake well or use a blender to mix.

Key Ingredients:
Nutritionists View:

Many Indians are facing health fitness due to excessive intake of food rich in carbohydrates, that lead to overweight. Our nutritionists researched on Indian Food Culture and come up with the Priveda Vita Shake meal supplement, 4 ingredients formula with natural extracts like Garcinia Cambogia, moringa leaf, green tea, green coffee bean extracts, other necessary vitamins, and minerals.

You will get the nutrition required for a full day with 1 glass of Vita shake.

Add one scoop 30G with 250 ml water or milk and mix with powder

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Price of the Priveda Vita Shake:

Rs.1699 for 500 grams of the product but right now you can get it from Amazon for Rs.999.

Availability of the Priveda Vita Shake:

You can purchase it from Amazon or Flipkart.

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Packaging of the Priveda Vita Shake:

The Priveda Vita Shake comes in a very sturdy white plastic tub with a screw lid. All the details about the product are mentioned on the tub packaging. You also get a very good quality shaker/sipper with the Vita Shake which comes in very handy while preparing the shake. The Priveda Vita Shake also comes with a measuring scoop inside the tub.

My Experience with the Priveda Vita Shake:

The Priveda Vita Shake is basically a meal replacement shake which helps you in weight loss. It contains garcinia cambogia extract which is popular for its weight management properties. It has green bean coffee extract which is an excellent way to manage your weight naturally. It contains anti-oxidants & vital nutrients also. It also has Moringa Leaf which is a source of many nutrients, including Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, and Amino acids.  The ingredient list was the main reason which is why I chose the Priveda Vita Shake for my meal replacement drink. Priveda’s Vita shake Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss is very different from other meal shakes that are available in the market as it is completely made from natural extracts and doesn’t contain any chemical formulas.

Priveda Vita Shake Review

I have started to work out in the evening and I generally skip my dinner and replace it with the Priveda Vita Shake. Its been 20 days and I have lost almost 4 kgs without much effort. I have a habit of sleeping very late at night but ever since I have started consuming the Priveda Vita Shake I don’t feel hungry around midnight which I felt when I used to have my regular meals. The Priveda Vita Shake keeps you full for a longer period and does not let you crave for any junk food. Inspite of skipping my meal I do not feel low on energy or hungry at all. It keeps me satiated for a long period. I love the yummy chocolate flavour of the drink. It is a completely nutritious and low-calorie shake which is the best health supplement to replace a meal.

The Priveda Vita Shake is also very cost effective. You get 500 grams of product for Rs.999 which is actually a steal. I need to loose some more weight and honestly speaking I am extremely satisfied with the Priveda Vita Shake. It has helped me loose my extra weight without going on crash diet and without putting in much effort. I would highly recommend the Priveda Vita Shake to each and everyone who wants to loose weight the healthy way or who wants to accelerate their metabolism. I am sure you are going to love this meal repalcement drink as much as I do.

Priveda Vita Shake Review

Pros of the Priveda Vita Shake:
  • Cost Effective.
  • Comes with a very sturdy shaker.
  • Great taste.
  • Keeps me full for 4-5 hours.
  • Has all natural ingredients.
  • Helps in accelerating the metabolism which eventually leads to weigh loss.
  • No chemicals.
  • Gluten free.
  • Sugar free.
Cons of the Priveda Vita Shake:
  • Can’t think of any con.
Rating of the Priveda Vita Shake:

I would give it a full 5/5.

Will I repurchase the Priveda Vita Shake?

I would definitely repurchase the Priveda Vita Shake over and over again.
Priveda Vita Shake Review

Will I recommend the Priveda Vita Shake to anyone?

I would highly recommend the Priveda Vita Shake to each and everyone who wants to reduce their weight and wants to improve their metabolism.

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