How To Prevent Hearing Loss In Children

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Hearing loss is a serious, widespread and growing problem among U.S. youth — and yet one that even the most conscientious parents are not fully aware of. The nature of hearing loss in children makes it difficult to detect. Children suffering from hearing loss may not realize there is a problem. Even if they are experiencing symptoms, they may not associate them with the actual cause, and they may be reluctant to discuss hearing issues with parents.

The infographic below, How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Your Children, is an extremely valuable guide for parents, grandparents and child caregivers of all kinds. It explains the magnitude of the problem (which may surprise you), describes the leading causes and warning signs, and offers suggestions on how to prevent hearing loss from occurring or getting worse.

The bad news about hearing loss in children is that it is usually irreversible. Children with hearing loss could look forward to a long lifetime of depressed earnings and social challenges that will adversely affect their quality of life. This is why it’s important for parents and caregivers be alert and proactive in monitoring the hearing health of their children.

Guide created by e3 Diagnostics

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