How to Make Short Hair Look Longer (This Will Make You Think Twice Before Getting That Extension)


How to Make Short Hair Look Longer (This Will Make You Think Twice Before Getting That Extension)



Don’t you wish you have a longer hair? I mean, yeah, short hair is cute and trendy, but longer hair exudes femininity and elegance. It also gives you a youthful look! If you recently cut your hair too short and you’re here to find ways to make it look longer, then you are on the right page!





Permanent or semi-permanent extensions would be great if you have the budget and if you are not as fickle as I am–I would have a short haircut today and would have extensions the next day, or a different color.


To make it look natural and effortless, you can purchase a synthetic hair and braid it in together with your natural hair. This will make your hair longer, plus you’ll get a nice, new braided look. Just add the attitude and confidence and you are going to rock it!


If you are just like me, who easily gets bored with her new short hair easily, you can opt for clip on extensions. However, if you don’t want to go that far? Here are some of the things you could do to make your hair look longer without using hair extensions.


Straighten Your Hair



Contrary to the belief that only curly hair girls can benefit from lengthening their hair using flat irons, even girls with naturally straight hair can stretch and iron their hair for it to look sleeker and longer. Doubts? Go try it for yourself!


Have them in Layers

The idea behind color-blocking and contours? Visual illusions. We have to take advantage of the fact that vision is the sense that we can easily deceive. So instead of cutting your hair in a straight blunt cut, have them in layers. This will create the illusion that your hair strands are actually longer than they actually are.


Parting Time

Here’s a tip: If you want to renew your entire look without really getting a dramatic change of haircut or something, just change the way you part your hair! It will make a huge difference to your normal look.


This same principle applies when you are trying to make your hair look longer. The best way to do it is parting your hair right in the middle so it falls long on your face. Give it a go in front of the mirror now, and see the difference!


Fun Bun

When you have a short hair, it’s totally difficult to tie it into a bun, right? So if you are able to somehow manage to somehow create a voluminous bun? It will create an impression that you actually have a longer hair than what you actually have.


Here’s how to do it–Try to tie your hair and make use of hair sprays or hair clips to keep your hair in place. You can make use of a bun sponge if you have too short hair. The idea is to make the bun as big and voluminous as possible. You can watch this video if you prefer ponytails over the bun.


Add Shine not Weight

It is true that a shiny and lustrous hair would look longer at first glance, but having a too oily and artificial hair gives the impression that you are trying too much. If you overdo it, and your hair is weighed down, people can clearly see where your hair starts and ends.


We want to create bounce and illusion that will leave people wondering where your hair actually end. Refrain from looking too controlled when it comes to your hair. Add bounce and volume and create the optical illusion I have been talking about.


The Wardrobe

The wardrobe plays an essential role in making our hair look longer. Anything that will make your neck look shorter is a go! Try putting your collar up, wearing turtle-neck and scarves! If you have to wear t-shirt, go for something round with not so low cut


Another helpful tip is to wear contrasting colors clothes. Having to wear same color of clothes with your hair will make your hair blend with your clothes. Having so will make people pay more attention to your hair’s details– ending the illusion of a long hair.


Expediting Hair Growth


The above-mentioned tips are only a band-aid solution for your short hair. You can follow those steps while waiting for your hair to really grow–but how to expedite your hair growth? Here are some of the things that you could do:

    • Use a hair growth shampoo. There are many hair growth shampoos available in the market today so look for something with high credibility. If you love organic hair care products I would personally recommend Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Biotin. You can not expect overnight hair results when using supplements such as these, but it is like a paving your road–so that once you get to your destination, it is impossible to get lost ever again (or have weak, brittle, frizzy hair.–something like that).


  • Hair Mask and Treatments. If using hair growth shampoo and conditioner feels like waiting forever, having your hair treated with mask will cut your wait time in half. A simple coconut or aloe vera mask does wonders for your hair, but if you are not into oils, I recommend Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.
  • Viviscal. Another supplement that works great for your hair. Some of my friends tried it, and it really made a noticeable change in her hair growth in just a month. I’m actually planning to try it so for myself. I will provide you guys update if I have the chance.
  • Grow Gorgeous Growth Serum. I thought serums and other hair-growing essences are very salesy and I was very skeptical about those stuff. However, this serum actually works. I’m not even paid to advertise this brand, but I’m a huge fan. So there.






That was not so bad, isn’t it? To think, there are so many things you can do to make your hair look younger, be free and experimental all you want with your hairstyle. If you have further questions or would love to share your hair growing secrets here, feel free to comment down below!  


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