How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

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Whether you are traveling for leisure or for work, you may want to pack your personal items that you will need and the clothing that help you to feel at home when you’re away. If you are traveling for business, you will most likely pack formal clothing for meetings, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear this type of clothing during your down time or while you are at your hotel. Here are a few clothing tips that will help you feel like home wherever you go:

How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

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What to Wear during a Flight

Unless you have to go to meeting right after getting off the plane, why not wear comfortable yet presentable clothes during the flight? This will help you to feel relaxed while you prepare on the plane for your meetings. It also allows you to rest comfortably and it will keep your work clothes from getting wrinkled. Sweats and tennis or even comfortable active wear are perfectly acceptable on a long flight, as long as they are clean. If anyone judges you, don’t worry about it. It’s better to feel relaxed during the flight time.

How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

Personalized bathrobes

Something that will make all the difference in your hotel room and will help you to feel at home when away and rest during your break time is a wholesale personalized spa bathrobe. After a long day of work while you’re away, there is nothing better than jumping into a shower and coming out to wear a highly comfortable bathrobe that is for you and only you-not a million other hotel guests.


How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

Casual Wear

You will want to bring in some clothing for a relaxing time while you’re away. Unless it’s just a quick one-day trip, most people like to explore their destination city and sometimes this means a lot of walking. To ensure that you get the most out of your trip and you feel comfortable like at home, bring your favourite casual clothing that helps you to feel confident and at ease while you go and see the sites or visit interesting places.

How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips

“Just in Case” Items

Don’t forget to bring the extras for the “just in case” times. A bathing suit, a cute dress or nice jeans and shirt for a night out are items that you may not plan on using, but the occasion might arise and you will be glad that you packed them. You may be expecting warm weather where you are going, but weather can be tricky so be sure to pack your jacket or at least a light sweater. Buying clothes while on a trip can be costly and stressful, so avoid having to shop by bringing along something warm.

Personal toiletries

Other items that are not clothing, but that could provide you with a sort of calm and relaxation are personal toiletries, such as your favourite bath wash, lotion, toothpaste, or shampoo. It may also help to bring a candle that you use at home to light it when you are in your hotel room in order to get in the same mood as at home.

How to Feel at Home when You’re Away-Clothing Tips
If you are away from home frequently, you may get tired of the constant pressure to perform in meetings and business while also having to spend long hours on planes and in traffic. To help combat the stress that comes with this type of travel and work, packing clothes that help you feel relaxed can go far in helping you to leave the stress at the door of your hotel room and get through your work without feeling pressured.

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