How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

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 The two most important things to know if you want to stay slim and healthy are a balanced diet and exercising. Although your healthy diet might work for you for your entire life, exercising might not.

Also, there are some ways to loose weight without exercising, but in this article, we’ll stick to best fitness tips for your age. The way of exercising changes according to your age, you can’t have the same type of exercises when you are 20 and when you are 50. The intensity of the exercises changes and there are certain types of exercises appropriate for every age.

Here’s a list of exercises you should do when you’re 20, 30 40, 50 or 60 years old.

When you are in your 20s

This is the period of your life when you should get fit and successfully maintain that. When you are in your 20s your body needs less time for rest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest at all. These are some exercises that are great for your shape and health.


This exercise includes a large number of muscles, especially the ones in your back and legs. The most important thing is to do it right. Your back should be straight all the way through. You pull the bar up, your shoulders and back go back. You should stretch out your arms until you don’t stand up. Don’t exaggerate with the weight.

Ab wheel

Hold the handles with both hands. Stretch out from a squat position until you get into a plank position. Then return to a squat position. It’s an excellent way to make abs and to strengthen your whole body.

Step workout

Step up with one hand and get down until both your knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. With this exercise, you strengthen your legs and balance.

How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

If you are in your 30s

 When you are in your 30s you can set as high goals as when you are in your 20s. However, in this decade eating a doughnut or a pancake can make a big difference in your looks and you can go from fit to having fat layers. Your metabolism slows down a nudge, so you need to be careful what you eat. Basically, you can do the same exercises as when you are in your 20s, but you need to add some more to help you stay fit.

 Kettlebell exercises

The kettlebell is great for your hips and buttocks. The starting position is putting your legs as wide as your shoulders and taking the kettlebell with both hands. Then, bend your knees and hips and stay in a half-squat position. Get down the kettlebell until your knees. Pull up the kettlebell up to your shoulders and then return to a half-squat position. Don’t take breaks until you do the exercise.

Plank exercises

The plank is a very effective exercise. It can be difficult, but it’s very useful. You should start by making a push-up, but you need to put your elbows on the floor. Your body needs to be straight, and your abs tighten. With this exercise, you activate your whole body and you burn calories even after exercising.

Chin Up exercises

Very hard, but beneficial as well. With this exercise, you activate your back, abs, and arms at the same time.

How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

If you are 40

 You can look striking in your 40s too. This is the period when recovery after exercising is very important. Having a lack of sleep is your biggest enemy when it comes to achieving your gym goals. You can exercise as before, but moderately. These are the exercises you should consider:

 Single leg step up

You should bend your left knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. You should bend your right leg behind you, standing on your fingers. Lean forward straightening your left leg until it forms an angle of 45 degrees. Return to your starting position.

Dip (push-ups)

 This is one of the best exercises you can do with your own weight. It’s demanding in the beginning, but it becomes easier with time. It strengthens your arms, triceps, chest, abs, and back.

Squat exercises

 A very familiar exercise. It can help you strengthen your whole body. You should do squats every day.

How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

If you are in your 50s

 Even if you are above 50 you can continue weightlifting, but don’t exaggerate.Leave some time for recovering. You shouldn’t exercise more than 3 times a week. Eat food high in proteins, especially that comes from vegetables.

Farmer’s walk

 You should do this exercise holding some lift in both hands and then walk with it. Your body needs to be straight all the time and you need to watch your balance. This exercise is good for your whole body and it’s great for people who spend a lot of time sitting.

Step ups

 Do a step up walking. This exercise is good for your balance, it strengthens your body, especially your legs.


Also one of the best-known exercises. It’s great for strengthening your back, arms, and chest.

If you are in your 60s

 In this decade of your life you should be still active and take care of your health.

Step bench

Put one leg on a bench, get down and repeat this with your other leg intermittently.

Bird dogs

 You should lean on your left knee and right hand. Raise up your left knee and right hand and be careful to remain in a straight position. Hold that position for 20 seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with your right knee and left hand.

How to Exercise According to Your Age and Stay Fit

Kettlebell deadlifting

You do this exercise as the regular deadlifting but you use a kettlebell. With this exercise, you strengthen all parts of your body.

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