Four Top Causes of Toothaches

Four Top Causes of Toothaches

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Are you wondering why you have consistent toothaches? Do you observe the daily teeth cleanliness? You are keen on sugary and processed foods, but still, you have toothaches? Here is the solution. Regular and timely visits to a Dental Office only will save you from this trouble. It’s because tooth decay and the cavity aren’t the only cause of toothaches. Advice from specialists will inform you that many factors lead to tooth pain. Having a hole in your tooth isn’t the only cause of many toothache cases. You need to get medical intervention if tooth pain persists for long constantly.

Here you will get the top four causes of toothaches other than having a hole in your teeth. 

Tooth Sensitivity

A tooth cavity will make you experience sharp pains while drinking and eating food and liquids in extreme temperatures. The sharp pains are also an indicator that you have sensitive teeth. Teeth sensitivity occurs when dentin, an inner layer of the teeth, becomes exposed. The pain will surface even in the absence of any tooth cavity. The exposure of dentin happens when the gum recession or enamel wearing happens. These two scenarios result from over brushing or trauma of the teeth. 

Four Top Causes of Toothaches

Sinus Infection

At some point, you will have tooth pain without a tooth cavity. These scenarios are not common. A sinus infection will cause pain that usually happens either on your upper or both sides of your face. The condition gets accompanied or preceded by tenderness on sinuses or nasal congestion. If this scenario happens to you, seek professional advice on controlling it. 

Severe Toothaches

A cracked tooth can lead to sharp pains anytime you bite food. Constant pain and throbbing can indicate having an abscessed tooth or an infection. You need to seek professional help to handle this issue. Any form of abscess in your tooth is a dangerous infection. It can spread to the neck and the entire mouth if you delay without seeking medical attention. 

Four Top Causes of Toothaches


Temporomandibular Disorders

The condition happens when you have pain in the lower jaw on a single tooth. The situation results from a direct jaw injury, trauma, cancer, bruxism, or arthritis. These conditions affect the jaws. If you have wisdom teeth, affected molars will cause jaw pain. The molar’s impact will result when there is little space to get out of the gums well. 

Some toothache causes aren’t exact. You need to get a conclusive diagnosis of the real cause of tooth decay from a dentist to tame the condition. Seek professional advice on the best over-the-counter drugs. They will aid you in relieving the pain. Some gels that have benzocaine components at times result in methemoglobinemia. 


It’s advisable to seek medical intervention whenever you notice an unusual sensation. Whether dull sensations or sharp pain, a dentist will help you know the definitive cause of it. Don’t wait for your teeth situation to worsen by seeking professional help. You can also use the home-based care tips to aid you in dealing with toothaches. 

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