Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJ

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJ

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BJJ is an excellent combat game that is mainly used for self-defense. However, most people do not understand that BJJ has a very diverse scope that includes weight loss, fitness, and helping the body to become stronger and lean. With the help of BJJ people not only develop a healthy routine they also create a better lifestyle for themselves by choosing healthy things. Another very important benefit is weight loss which is the reason most people choose BJJ. However, most people think it is just because the body is getting used to the extreme workout. The body is just trying to figure out a way to strengthen the overall body from head to toe and in that process, it uses all the stored fat and converts it into muscle. BJJ healthily helps in weight because it doesn’t involve skipping a meal or cutting down the food portions, instead, it only makes you stronger and your body maintains a healthy body weight as well. Within the first three months of the BJJ practice, you will see that your body is getting the right amount of muscles and you have healthy body weight. You don’t have a high amount of fat content in your body and you can break down the fat as well. Overall, BJJ is an excellent method to help your body maintain good and healthy body weight.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJWith the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the ways you can lose weight just with the help of BJJ. Apart from this, we have also mentioned some food items that will help you reduce your weight. To help you get the idea of how many calories you will be able to burn, we have mentioned a simple weight and hour-based calorie assumption as well.

How to Lose Weight via BJJ?

The overall understanding of losing weight is pretty simple and almost everyone understands it. It is about the food we eat and the energy that we store if we do not use all the food we eat. In short, whatever we eat is used either by the body for physical activity or body functions or just for healing the body. In some cases, people eat surplus so the body simply stores the extra food within the body in the form of fat. This same fat is used by the body when it runs out of food or energy. Simple body activities like a heart beating, thinking, and breathing requires content energy so even if you think you don’t need the energy to function, you are still using some calories. For losing weight the first principle is to consume fewer calories and then work more. This will help you use all the energy that you have stored and you will lose weight. For the diet, you will find different methods especially that will focus on one kind of diet and help you get rid of unnecessary calories. Simple Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean diet, crash diet, and other whole-food-based diets are especially important for weight loss. This will help your body burn all the stored fat and you will be able to consume fewer calories with a focus on burning more calories.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJIf we try to put the work into numbers we can see that burning just one pound of fat will help you lose 3500 calories. This means that if you burn just 500 calories, you will be able to burn one pound of fat within just one week. This means that either you can eat less or just burn more calories through hard work. In case you want to speed up the burning process, the best is to consume fewer calories and work hard through BJJ so you will end up losing more weight. This will help you get better results as well.

A simple BJJ practice session of 1.5 hours will help you burn around 500 calories to 1000 calories. With the BJJ session, you will also include a warm-up session, drilling, and technical training as well as other exercises that will help you work on your skill and technique.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJFocus On Your Diet

Most people try to starve themselves because they want to lose weight. Others look for exercise and training so that they can lose fat. However, when it comes to BJJ you cannot skip meals because this will impact your performance. For helping the calorie burn out, you can add a few simple food items within your diet that can help you lose weight easily. Some of these food items include:

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent food item that can help you get rid of extra fat. It also helps in digestion and is an excellent way to get rid of toxins. For better results, it is best to have at least two to three cups every day.


Grapefruit is good food that helps in fat burning. You just need to know how you can make the most out of your grapefruit. Most people consume juice, others like to add it to the salad but the best way is to eat it as a whole. This will give your fiver that is good for digestion and the citrus content will help in calorie burning.


The egg has a high protein content which gives enough energy but the best thing is that you will be able to digest it easily and it will still be able to satisfy your hunger. This helps in fat loss and muscle gain. Almost every athlete consumes food that is rich in protein.


In most cases, nuts are recommended for BJJ athletes because it has healthy fats which aid in providing energy yet help the brain.


Meat is a very good source of protein and it helps with muscle building as well. However, the best way to consume the meat is to get lean meat without the fat content and either grill it or boil it. This way you will not be consuming the aft content at all.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJBerries

Berries in all forms are great for energy and they offer the best micronutrients as well. They are considered superfoods because of their rich fiber contents and their immune-boosting properties.

How to Boost Your Fat Burnout through Workout?

Most people rely heavily on food for weight loss. Most people think that just by skipping the food they will be able to lose weight however this is not possible. Here are some of the best ways you will be able to lose weight through BJJ by working out better.

Intensity of Workout

The best way to burn some extra calories is if you increase the intensity of the workout. This means that you can increase the workout intensity by adding weight and by increasing the speed so that you can sweat more. You can improve your technique and with the use of simple workouts like guard pass, side control, transition, submission, and other simple maneuvers you will be able to burn more calories.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJWeight Training

With the help of weight lifting, you will be able to burn more calories and you will also be able to gain muscle. In most cases when you gain muscle it is the extra fat that you are converting into muscle.


Getting into duels and combats is an excellent way of losing weight and burning fat. With the help of completion, you will be able to sweat more, it is a great test of strength as well.

Cut the Food Portion

Cutting the food portion means you will be consuming the same amount of food but the overall portions will be more. According to the digestion process, your body has 30 minutes of extreme metabolism boost while food digestion. This means that with 6 small meals you will be able to boost your body metabolism for at least 3 hours. Overall, this will help you burn fat much faster during that time.

Best Ways to Maximize the Fat-Burning Effects through BJJBottom Line

To sum it all up, it is all up to you if you want to restrict your food intake or make the most out of your weight loss through hard work. According to most professionals, you will be able to lose weight within the first three months of your BJJ practice so that you might not do some extra workout or cut down your food intake. Apart from this, if you need to get better at BJJ, you need to just keep following a simple workout routine with only 5 days of workout. This will be able for you to lose weight as well as for strengthening the body muscle. Apart from this, for people who already have a good enough amount of muscle and a healthy amount of body weight then it is important to consume more protein and focus on a healthy diet as well. This will help you retain the same weight ratio so that it doesn’t impact your overall body weight.

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