7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 Days

7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 Days

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Belly fat is much more than getting your clothes to feel tight. It can affect your health in serious and harmful ways. The fat that gets accumulated around your waist can be the most stubborn to lose. Losing fat from that area can be the most difficult thing. There are several ways that can help you in doing so. It’s also one of the most common goals when it comes to weight loss. Losing the fat from your belly region doesn’t only make you look good but offers so many health benefits and contributes to your overall well being. Easiest and simplest way of measuring your abdominal fat is by measuring your waist by using a tape measure. Measures exceeding 40 inches in men & 35 inches in women are referred to as abdominal obesity.

7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 DaysThough overall reduction in weight causes fat loss in your abdominal region as well, following certain weight loss strategies targets the fat in your belly region compared to rest of the areas in your body. Regardless how hard you put in for working out following certain rules, affects the outcomes. In this article, we will guide you about how you can reduce belly fat in just 7 days. Before we move on further into this article, we will address what’s the root cause of this problem. Fat accumulation in your abdomen region is a result of fat deposits around the adipose tissues of your abdominal region. A lot of factors such as sleep disorders, poor eating habits, inadequate movement, and digestive disorders contribute to stomach bulk. A lot of people each year fail at shedding belly fat & blame themselves, the fitness program, & even other people. The first step for losing belly fat is knowing what exactly you are dealing with & why do you get belly fat.

What’s Belly Fat?

The main culprit behind your fat storage around your waist majorly depends upon the hormones. Your hormones are the chemical messengers which carry information throughout the body and are directly literally to your metabolism. Misfiring by the hormones, can invite disaster for the waistline. Your abdominal fat isn’t just about the calorie maintenance, or working out maintenance, but your hormone maintenance. What your hormones do determine if you can reduce the caloric intake, control your diet & feel good or just load up on one goal in your mind.

So stop thinking about calories & think about hormones. Major factor regarding fat accumulation around your midsection depends on the hormone. Insulin is the prime fat-storing hormone in your body. You hear about fat-storage & you probably think.

7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 DaysInsulin is your main companion that helps the body in storing energy & building attractive sculpting lean muscle. It’s the prime double-edged sword. You must have it for building yet it will encourage the body for store fat in the wrong way.

What Causes Belly Fat?

There’re so many reasons behind why you can gain fat around your belly. Overall changes in your lifestyle can help with it’s reduction. There are 2 types of belly fat.

  • Visceral: This type of fat surrounds the person’s organs.
  • Subcutaneous: This type of fat sits under your skin.

Fitness experts claim that visceral fat is way more harmful compared to subcutaneous fat. The type of fat in your abdomen is visceral fat. Following are the main causes of belly fat.

1)   Poor Diet

Sugary food such as cakes & candy can make you gain weight, it slows down your metabolism and reduces your ability to burn fat. Low-protein and high-carb diets also adversely affect your weight. Proteins help a person in feeling fuller for longer. Trans fats are also a prime cause of inflammation leading to obesity.

2)   High Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol contributes to a variety of health issues, including liver disorders & inflammation. Its effects are much higher in male than females.

3)   Inadequate Physical Moment

Consuming more calories than you burn, makes you put on weight. Inactive lifestyle makes it much harder to get rid of this fat, especially in the abdominal region.

4)   Stress

A hormone known as cortisol aids the body in controlling & dealing with stress. As a person gets into a high-pressure situation, the body starts releasing cortisol, & this impacts the metabolism in adverse ways. People reach for food primarily for comfort especially when they are stressed out. Cortisol makes these calories remain around your belly & other areas for later use.7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 Days

5) Genetics

Genes also play a major role for a person to become obese. Scientists claim that your genes influence behavior, metabolism & the development of obesity-related issues.

6) Poor Sleep

Weight gain is also linked with your sleep duration. Short sleeping duration is deeply linked with the increase of food intake, it’s a major part of abdominal fat development. Inadequate sleep leads to unhealthy eating behaviors like emotional eating.

7) Smoking

Smoking isn’t considered a direct cause of belly fat, but it’s a major risk factor.

Golden Rules for Reducing Belly Fat
1)   Manage Insulin

When it comes to losing fat Insulin can be the best friend or an enemy. You must manage your insulin primarily. Take lower glycemic index (GI) meals as the general rule & combine them with higher GI foods. You must know when you should eat something sweet/starchy. Must take your meal at the proper time. You must time your meals with exercise to get the benefits of insulin. After you are done with your weight training session, put your sweet/starchy foods in the game. It provides the golden opportunity for having your insulin partition the sweets. For most of the meals you consume, keep the fundamental players in the game and make sure you focus on protein, carbs, and healthy fat that is extracted mainly from non-starchy vegetables.

2)   Exercise for the Positive Hormonal Response

Research suggests that while you perform traditional, prolonged cardio sessions it actually down-regulates your thyroid function and makes the calorie burning process slow. Most people think cardio is the key to reducing belly fat.  Start doing exercises that align your hormones with your ultimate goal. It’s your hormones that determine the number of calories your body burns.7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 Days

3)   Lift Heavy Things

Lifting weight makes your body insulin sensitive, it makes the muscles absorb a higher number of carbs, burn the glycogen away efficiently and help you in looking firm, toned & fit. Lifting heavy objects doesn’t necessarily mean that you start jumping by holding five pound dumbbells. For getting the hormonal response for burning belly fat, you must put a heavy load on the body which forces the body to secretion of these hormones. Otherwise, your body will just undergo

4)   Eat Micronutrient-Rich Foods Everyday

An effective tool for long-term fat loss, that won’t make you go crazy is haphazardly cutting the calories, then the metabolism responds by slowing down & conserving more amount of energy. For this, you must eat more food & get more nutrition. You must eat foods that have higher micronutrients. The critical nutrients help your body to signal like nothing else. They play a major role when it comes to leptin sensitivity, thyroid functioning, detoxification & more.

If you are deficient when it comes to selenium, zinc & B Vitamins you must get the food down in your gut.7 Golden Rules To Start Reducing Belly Fat In 7 Days

5)   Use Smart Abdominal Training

You might have heard that you can’t spot treat the fat, well that’s wrong.  People mostly pass it on because they have repeatedly heard it. You may not be able to spot treats 99% but it will help with forming the foundation. There is a thing about the human body, that it burns the fat as a whole, the fat from your body doesn’t just evaporate from the belly just because you are using those ridiculous waist wraps. Wearing the contraption around the waist while working out actually comprises the effects on your core muscles for making changes they really want. Compound movements are an effective solution when it comes to this. The muscles in your body are actually fat burning machinery, the more they get involved the higher metabolic output you will get. Such movements usually involve the core indirectly, it allows the stimulation of muscles from different angles.

6)   Unravel Your Stress

A lot of people find comfort in the food. .Research states that stress adds to belly fat in multiple ways. Smoking triggers the production of stress hormone cortisol in higher concentrations. Cortisol has a potential in so many ways. It’s effective for breaking down the lean muscle & using it for taking energy. It causes the increase of fat storage & decline the production of fat burning hormones. Stress rates in the world are higher than ever. It is much more than what our ancestors had to deal with. And doing wrong exercises at the top of it will add up to the adverse effects. Exercise is a huge potential stressor. You must develop a strategy for neutralizing stress in life.

7)   Be an Activist for Activity

Most of the time people spend these days sitting on chairs for long hours due to their 9-5 jobs. Studies state that they can have adverse effects on your health than smoking. Sitting for long hours is mostly overlooked these days. It decreases the insulin sensitivity, increase fat storage around the waistline. Solution and getting up and being more active throughout the day. You must find smart ways for moving around throughout the day for keeping the body in action.

The results can be nullified with more exercise.

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