10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in Summer

10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in Summer

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Summers are brutal, especially for skin. The season brings oily skin, rashes, sunburns, etc along with itself. It is important to take good care of your skin in this season otherwise there could be a permanent damage to your skin. Check out some summer tips that you need to follow, to keep your skin healthy.


Exfoliation  is the process of gently removing dead skin cells so that your skin remains healthy for a long time. This process also helps in healing from ailments like sunburns and skin irritation. You look radiant, after removing your dead skin cells away.

Weekly Facial Mask Session

Using facial masks, once in every week, is a good way to re-energize your skin. These face masks helps in unclogging your skin pores and repairs them by rehydrating your skin. You can choose from an array of skin mask types, such as sheet masks, sleeping masks, and clay masks.

10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in SummerFace Mists

When you are out there in sun and need an instant skin- rehydration then a bottle of face mist comes to your rescue. These face mists helps in toning your skin, nourishing your skin and setting facial make-up. However, before purchasing a face mist, know your skin type and buy the variant that compliments your skin.

Don’t Overdo Makeup

Too much makeup in summer season looks out-of-place! Follow the minimalistic approach, when it comes to makeup in summer. Your skin needs to breathe so do not add a thick layer of foundation on your face. Just a gentle touch of primer, basic foundation, concealer, and light bronze blush should do the trick.

Use Toners

Apart from protecting your skin from sun, it is also important to keep it clean and oil-free. This is the reason that toners are a must during summer months. In summer months, the T-zone of your face secretes maximum oil and you should definitely apply toner in your T-zone. Sephora is a single stop destination to buy latest and branded cosmetics, but buying  such branded cosmetics can be hard on your pockets, don’t worry we have some coupons and offers that will maximize your savings on your purchases.

10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in SummerMoisturizer is Important

Do not think that your skin needs moisturizer only in winter months. Yea, you definitely do not need moisturizer in heavy quantity but you still need some of it. Go for a non-greasy, summer specific moisturizer. You can check out Sephora Malaysia online store and find the right product for your skin.

Don’t Forget Eyes Area

Skin around your eye area is very delicate and sensitive; more than the rest of your face and it needs proper attention. One way to protect your eyes area is to wear sunglasses everytime you move out in sun. Choose a beauty product, especially for eyes area; the product should contain basic ingredients such as honey, cucumber pulp and hyaluronic acid.

Do Not Ignore your Feet

Why is it so that we always tend to forget taking special care of our feet in summer season? Take pedicure sessions (even if you do it yourself!) at least once, every month. You can apply foot cream, just before you go to bed at night.

10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in SummerInclude Antioxidants in Life

It is important to include antioxidants, not only in your diet but also in products that you use on your skin. Invest in such moisturizers, serums and sunscreens that have a healthy dose of antioxidants in them. You can also check for nutrients such as vitamin C, which is essential to protect your skin from environmental damages.

It Starts and Ends with Sunscreen

It is impossible not to include sunscreen in a session of ‘beauty tips for summer’. Sunscreens protect you from harmful UV rays. I cannot stress enough on this point that you need to get a sunscreen with SPF 30 and apply it two times daily.

10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow in Summer

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