Essential Beauty Hacks to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

Essential Beauty Hacks to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

Guest post by Zara Lewis

Hello everyone,

Many ladies all across the world are dealing with imperfections on their faces. No matter if they’re tiny or very visible – they can be a true nightmare everyone wants to get rid of. However, if you’re not quite sure how to accomplish that, stay with us. Here are four useful tips on how to get it done.

Essential Beauty Hacks to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

How to get rid of blemishes?

Dealing with skin blemishes can be very hard, however, there are numerous effective methods to cover them up. Home remedies may be the best option for getting rid of blemishes, and one of them is ice compressing – you should take just one ice cube and wrap it into a clean washcloth. Place it on your skin for around five minutes and you may see a significant difference instantly. Ice reduces inflammation, which helps in getting rid of swelling and redness. It also relieves pain, itching, and burning, which is exactly what you need while dealing with skin blemishes, right?

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How to deal with enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores on your face inevitably make your skin look unhealthy and aged, and these can even lead to some serious skin problems, such as acne and blackheads. They usually appear on the face, nose, and cheeks, however, you can successfully get rid of them. Lemon juice is one of the best natural remedies when it comes to enlarged pores, since it contains natural enzymes that can tighten the facial skin and firm it up. Besides that, it also has acidic properties that help with deep cleansing. Combine it with rose water and cucumber juice for even better results!

Essential Beauty Hacks to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

How to cover up acne scars?

Suffering from acne can be very stressful and frustrating, but the good news is that you can make them disappear at least for the day! Before you start, make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized. Apply primer to your face in order to make sure that makeup will remain intact, and then apply concealer to problematic spots in an ‘X’ pattern. Pat it with your fingers and make sure that it’s blended properly. Then cover up your under eye area with more concealer, and blot your base with a tissue. This step is important since the tissue will absorb any excess makeup. Apply liquid foundation with a brush – don’t do it with your fingertips because only the brush can provide good coverage and airbrushed finish. Use a large fluffy brush to set your makeup with pressed powder, and voila – your face will look flawless and acne-free!

How to disguise nose imperfections?

Millions of ladies all over the globe are dissatisfied with the look of their nose, and if you’re one of them – welcome to the club! Disguising nose imperfections may be a bit tricky, but you can do it like a pro with almost no effort. Long nose may seem much shorter if you shade its root with slightly darker foundation. Use the same shade on the top of your nose, too. On the other hand, if you have a big nose, a foundation that’s two shades darker than your skin colour will do the trick. Thick nose should be shaded in parts – just make sure that it is highlighted in the middle with a lighter foundation. However, if you think that not even the finest makeup tricks can help you – going for rhinoplasty can always be your go-to choice. Just make an appointment at your local cosmetic surgery clinic and solve your problem instantly.

Essential Beauty Hacks to Fix Imperfections on Your Face

As you can see, there are a plenty of ways to fix imperfections on your face that are truly simple and easy to accomplish. Some of them include home and natural remedies, whereas others require makeup – no matter which one you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Say ‘goodbye’ to all imperfections and put a smile on your face, because you deserve it!

About the Author:

Zara is a designer by education and a freelance writer by occupation, passionate about travelling, hiking, cycling and yoga. She loves to write about things that are part of her life and inspire her, mostly beauty and healthy lifestyle topics. She is a regular author on , but from time to time she also contributes to some other blogs.

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  2. Great tips on how cover acne scars!

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    • Do try it out Yogita.It does work.

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  8. Great tips! I’ve used ice before for blemishes. It definitely helps with the pain. If only it made blemishes disappear lol. 🙂

    • Lisa I do not have blemishes but regular use of ice cubes does clear out the skin. Thanks a lot Lisa.

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