Advantages of Using Nose Hair Trimmers Over Scissors

Advantages of Using Nose Hair Trimmers Over Scissors

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Nose hair main function is to stop dirt from entering your body.  But they become a nuisance when they grow too long and start protruding through the nose, thereby affecting your appearance. The best nose hair trimmer will do a good job of maintaining the length of your nose hair. It will not remove all the hair but trim just the hair that can be seen.

Scissors have to be handled carefully to avoid the risk of injuring the nose. On the other hand, nose hair trimmers have many features that make the job of trimming nose hair easy and fast without the risk of hurting or damaging the sensitive delicate skin of your nose interior. Here’s a comparison of the two in detail.

Advantages of Using Nose Hair Trimmers Over Scissors

*Specifically designed and manufactured for nose hair trimming

A nose trimmer has tiny blades that trims the nose hair while retaining some hair.  If you pull out the hair, you would be interfering with the body’s natural system of keeping the respiratory from dirt, pollen, smoke particles and all foreign particles.

A scissor, on the other hand, was designed to cut things. It is a multipurpose tool for use for cutting clothes materials, hair, bikini hair and other things. It is not specifically designed for nasal hair trimming. It, therefore, cannot accomplish the job well.

There is no chance of your nose hair trimmer being used around the house to do other jobs. Having a pair of scissors for shaving nose hair is risky. If it is used for other jobs around the house, you risk getting an infection in your nose.

*Scissors are painful

Remember it’s your nasal hair that needs a trim and not your nose. When using scissors, there is always the possibility of the hand slipping. This can cause a cut to your delicate nose skin.

Scissors usually pull out nasal hair from the root. This is a very painful and uncomfortable experience. Scissors end up wounding the delicate nasal skin. The experience is not only painful but by pulling out the hair it leaves the nose at a risk of developing an infection.

Advantages of Using Nose Hair Trimmers Over Scissors

Nasal hair trimmers trim the hair without pain. The experience leaves you healthy, retaining some little nasal hair to protect your sensitive respiratory system.

*Scissors are tedious

Nose trimmers are designed to trim nasal hair to a standard length. So you don’t need to worry about the length of nasal hair to leave, your job is to use the device as designed.

Nose hair trimmers are designed to fit easily and comfortably into the nostrils. Don’t reach out and try to trim deep non-protruding hair. Just trim what is a nuisance to look at.

On the other hand, scissors are not specifically designed for trimming nasal hair. They are multipurpose tools. You have to be careful when selecting sizes and designs to fit the job of nasal hair trimming.

*Easy to maintain clean them and store

Most scissors are just basic since they are manufactured for general use. On the other hand, nose hair trimmers are designed specifically for trimming nasal hair, they have many features that make them easy to maintain, clean and store. They are designed to trim noses conveniently.

You won’t have a problem about cleaning your nose hair trimmers because most of them are washable or they can be rinsed. They can be used in the shower without getting spoilt for coming into contact with water. Some even have cleaning brushes to clean the blades.

Advantages of Using Nose Hair Trimmers Over Scissors


Most of them are travel-friendly. They are small enough to fit in a travel bag and come with pouches and a protective cap so the blades won’t injure you or cut anything in your travel bag.

*Unlike scissors, nose hair trimmers have many features

Nose hair trimming is a complex job. Unlike scissors which have basic features of shaving and trimming hair, nose hair trimmers have many features. Therefore when it comes to choosing a nose hair trimmer, it depends on your personal taste and preferences.  Most of the nose hair trimmers you will find are battery operated and are not rechargeable. Some are manual while others have an automatic operating trimming system.

Some manufacturers have designed nose hair trimmers with a light to help you during trimming.  The nose hair trimmers have built-in LED light. Nose hair trimmers are lightweight and compact.  They can be operated with just one hand, allowing the other hand to focus on the mirror. What’s more, some nose hair trimmers are multipurpose, allowing you to use them to trim ear hair and eyebrows.

Final thoughts

A good grooming routine guaranteesyoua good appearance always. Nasal hair can embarrass you. Even though nasal hair grooming is a gross job, manufacturers and designers have developed tools to remove the headache out of it. You should have a good nose hair trimmer as part of your personal grooming tools and work at establishing a routine that fits your style. This will boost your self-esteem. If you are new to grooming your nose, you can work on trimming your nose weekly.

Nose hair trimmers are simple and painless to use. They will work on trimming all those stray hair in your nose without the risk of getting infections or any kind of irritation associated with using scissors. Please remember to consult a doctor in case you injure yourself while grooming your nasal hair.

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  1. I agree that trimming with scissors can be tedious but I don’t get how it can pull out hair

  2. Nice article! Using nose hair trimmers is definitely the way to go to get rid of nose hair quickly. Any time I’ve used them it only took minutes!

  3. Nice posting !! With so many options available in the market, it’s so hard to choose one. But Thanks for the Tips/Suggestions.

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