5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

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You may want to take a lot of coffee, but all of a sudden, your appetite disappears, and you’re not able to drink even a single cup. Or maybe your coffee gets cold after some time. In this case, you shouldn’t waste your coffee but rather reuse it. After realizing what you can do with your extra brewed coffee, you may not have any worries when preparing your delicious coffee drink. Below are some smart ways to use leftover coffee:

  1. Cooking, baking, and blending

There are many recipes that need coffee, which you should try by yourself. For instance, you can use the extra coffee in treating yourself with a delectable brew dessert or other meals. Some traditional recipes need coffee such as tiramisu, which comprises of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, which are layered with cocoa powder and whipped custard.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

Cooking with leftover coffee

One great thing about leftover brewed coffee that most people don’t know is that it can be used in steak marinade. It can also be used in making a fruit compote instead of water. Additionally, it’s also easy to make your oatmeal using coffee, especially if you want to be more efficient.

Coffee is also known to create additional acidity in the meals you’ll be preparing. You can try by experimenting with vinaigrettes where you substitute vinegar with coffee. You can also make your caffeinated barbeque sauce as well as a chili recipe.

Baking with Coffee as a Water Substitute

Coffee can be easily used instead of water when it comes to baking. You just need to add a little coffee when baking a cake or brownie mix to get a very rich and delicious treat. It’s also easy to give your cupcakes and cookies an amazing taste by adding coffee flavor. The leftover coffee should be placed in the fridge and saved for baking during the late hours of the day. However, you shouldn’t allow the coffee to stay for more than one or two days to prevent that old coffee flavor.

Making Coffee Smoothies and Ice Cubes

If you dislike ice coffee due to the fact that it gets watered down prior to consuming, you probably need to consider coffee ice cubes, which can fix that. You just need to add your leftover coffee into the ice cube tray and allow it to freeze overnight. This way, the iced coffee will stay undiluted and cold until it can be used.

The coffee ice cubes can be used to make a coffee smoothie. Alternatively, you can blend the coffee ice cubes, bananas, yogurt, or raw milk for a great evening caffeinated treat. Apart from the mentioned ingredients, you can add cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa powder to boost the flavor.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

  1. Watering Plants

Leftover brewed coffee has many uses outside the kitchen, including watering plants. For those who grow acid-loving plants such as orchids and azaleas, then watering them using cold and diluted coffee is essential for boosting their growth. However, you need to understand that liquid coffee is acidic, and therefore, it’s essential to limit the number of coffee watering to only once every one or two weeks.

It’s also advisable to keep on checking your plant’s condition when watering with brewed coffee. In case you start seeing some brown or yellow leaves, you should directly know that it’s a sign of too much acidity in the soil. On the other hand, it’s not recommended to use coffee in watering plants if you’ve added milk, sugar, or cream to prevent attracting pests and fungus.

  1. Safe Medicine Disposal

 When cleaning your medicine cabinet, it’s not advisable to simply dispose of your old medications into your trash directly. This is because of the safety of both your children and animals around. Young kids and animals such as puppies will eat or play with whatever they come across, which can cause serious health problems. Therefore, you can use leftover coffee grounds for safer old medicine disposal, especially if your area doesn’t have a community drug take-back program. What you should simply do is to remove the medicines from their original containers and mix them with used coffee in an empty can, saleable bag or other similar containers. Doing this will make your old drugs less recognized while in the trash, meaning that this will reduce the chances of your kids and animals touching or even eating them.

  1. Get Crafty

Although most people worry about coffee stains, it should actually be noted that coffee can sometimes be stained on purpose. Coffee can be used as paint for various arts. Coffee can be used in making pretty cool stuff and is also cheap and non-toxic, meaning that it can affect your children in any way even after touching or tasting it. To paint using coffee, you need some brushes and water cool paper to get started.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

How to Use Old Coffee Grounds

If you didn’t know that old man coffee grounds have meaningful uses, then you’ll be surprised a lot about what people do. Today, there’s a UK company that recycles grounds into biomass pellets and bricks to come up with clean fuel. The company is further trying to make biodiesel using the same grounds. The world is changing, whereby people are no longer thinking about different items to be garbage.

  1. Fertilize and Compost

Brewed coffee has a lot of minerals required by different plants. You can sprinkle your coffee grounds on your lawn, and after some days, you’ll notice that the grass is greener. Sprinkling brewed in your flowerbed adds nitrogen to the soil that makes your flowers and bushes healthy. Additionally, the brewed coffee can also assist in attracting earthworms, which help in maintaining healthy soil. You can also add leftover coffee grounds in your compost bin to boost good bacteria. Remember that a nitrogen-rich environment will encourage microbe growth that will feed on your plants.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

In conclusion, these are some of the top and smart ways of using leftover coffee. Others include making a DIY scrubbing sponge, deodorizing, natural pest control, and even cleaning. If you’re in Kuwait and you’ve been looking for the best home use coffee equipment and beans, visit the Qavashop Kuwait website and place an order.

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