5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You’ll Want to Hack Into

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You’ll Want to Hack Into

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Ice is an amazing beauty resource. Sure, it’s just frozen water, but the purity of plain water combined with the cold temperature can accomplish amazing things. These are inexpensive and effective remedies for many skin and body issues, and the best part is that you already have all the ingredients ready at home! Because these techniques don’t require special materials or preparations you’re more likely to use them, and therefore more likely to see real benefits.

  1. Metabolism Booster

Drinking ice water with either lemon or cucumber can increase your body’s fat-burning processes and increase your metabolism. When you consume very cold water, your body must heat it back up to body temperature, which means it burns calories to do this. Can you lose a large amount of weight doing this? Probably not, but by purchasing one of the best ice maker and drinking cold water on a regular basis will make a difference in your overall calorie expenditure.

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You'll Want to Hack Into

You can further enhance this experience by freezing berries, herbs or fruit slices into the cubes and then putting them into your glass of water. This will give you a taste that is similar to sparkling water or diet soda but without many of the corrosive additives like citric acid or food colorings.

2. Natural Skin Enhancer

A gentle ice facial can produce great skin changing results. There are several ways to do this. The simplest method is to just massage your face with it for a few minutes every night. Be sure that the cubes are covered by a plastic bag or a piece of cloth, as prolonged exposure directly to the frozen water could damage your capillaries and skin. You can also dunk your face in a bowl of iced water for a few seconds before bed. Again, be careful to avoid direct contact with your skin for a long period.

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You'll Want to Hack Into

These facial treatments improve circulation by bringing the blood to the surface. Improved circulation will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as encourage the skin’s own natural restorative process to heal scars and dry patches. Cold treatments can also diminish the appearance of pores, by actually shrinking them with the cold. Applying cold water treatments to the face can also help your skin stay hydrated by closing the pores; less moisture will leach out of the skin.

  1. Manicure Marvel

We all know that at-home manicures are cheaper and probably more sanitary. So why don’t we always do our nails at home? The simple fact of the matter is they often just don’t look as good. Part of the reason for this is that at home we are often rushed, and just don’t take the necessary time to ensure that our nails are 100% dry before doing any number of things that can distract us at home.

Did you know that a bowl of ice water can completely solve this problem? Polish your nails as normal, with a base coat, color and then a top coat. Let your fingernails air dry for just a few minutes, then give them a dunk in an (already prepared) bowl of iced water prepared with your ice maker.

Because of the chemical composition of nail polish, this freeze-drying method works just as well, or better than the method of air drying. Leave nails submerged for approximately three to four minutes, and your polish should be completely dry.

  1. Acne Arrestor

It is an ugly surprise to find out that pimples and acne can still blemish our visage, even well into our thirties. There are many chemical compounds that claim to do away with a pimple overnight, but many of those are very harsh on skin and can leave scarring, cracks or yet another issue that must be covered up. Instead of using a chemical zit buster, try holding a cube to your pimple for a few minutes. (Again, don’t forget to put the cube in a cloth or a plastic bag.) This will reduce inflammation, pain, and infection on the blemish. Reduced inflammation will also help you to avoid picking or popping the acne, which can cause scars and more infection.

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You'll Want to Hack Into

  1. Blast Tough Spots

We all have those super tough to tame spots that don’t seem to firm up, no matter how many crunches we do. Many of us struggle with this issue of impossible to lose fat in the tummy area. Because of the type of fat cells that typically accumulate in the belly, this can be a very difficult area to reduce in size. By placing an ice pack on your trouble spot for 15 minutes on, five minutes off for an hour, you can recreate the cycle of cryotherapy that medical spas charge hundreds of dollars for. This exposure to cold changes the fat cells from white fat cells into brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are more easily burned and expelled by your body’s metabolism.

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Benefits of Ice You'll Want to Hack Into

These are just a few ways that plain old frozen water can make a huge difference in your beauty routines. We hope you’ll try some of these cool remedies!

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  1. The concept of this article is really appreciable…!!! Like the presentation very much..!!! People should always use pure water for making their ice..!!!

  2. The concept of this article is really appreciable…!!!The article is really nice and very useful…!!!

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