The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review one of my fave product,it is The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. I swear I am just head over heels about this product. The color of the product, the tempting strawberry smell, the kiwi seeds, the quantity everything is so ideal about it.So lets start reviewing The Body  Shop Strawberry Body Polish.


This exfoliating ,foaming gel gently buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth.It has a sweet strawberry scent.Gently exfoliates,leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.


The Heart Inside:Honey:We source our Community Fair Trade honey from Bezamar in Ethopia. The honey is made in the Bale Eco-Region,where hives are handcrafted from locally grown bamboo. Then raw comb is harvested and the honey is separated ,filtered and tested for quality. These traditional methods promote strong,healthy bees and deter logging.

Strawberry juice:Is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant compounds that help to protect and nourish the skin.Is rich in salicylic acid,which has good pore-cleansing properties. Provides the naturally sweet and sumptuous fragrance.Provides the red color to the product.
Crushed walnut and kiwi seeds:Gentle exfoliate the skin.
Organic honey:Moisturizes the skin.


Use in bath or shower.Apply to damp skin in a circular motion,then rinse thoroughly.


RS.595 for 200ml.


Have good,clean fun and smooth skin at the same time,thanks to this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that is gentle enough to use everyday.Dead skin cells are removed in no time,revealing brighter,healthy looking skin,thanks to natural exfoliators containing Community Trade Organic Honey.



It comes in a big see through plastic tube with a flip up cap.You can see the walnut,the kiwi seeds and the strawberry puree from the transparent bottle.



I am just going nuts and bonkers over this product. I am soooo much in love with it. It is a combination of two of my favourite fruits i.e.strawberry and kiwi. Strawberries are seasonal and you get them only in summers but you get kiwis all the year around. I eat 1 kiwi everyday because kiwi is rich in nutrients and low in calories and it makes my skin glow.
Coming to this product, I am a big fan of body polishes and I can undoubtedly can say that BODY SHOP’s body polishes are the best, both quality and quantity wise. I am seriously addicted to this one. In winters I don’t use soaps or shower gels because they make my skin dry so during these 3-4 months, I use body polishes and exfoliators like these. I came across BODY SHOP body polishes around 2 months back and I have finished 2 big tubes of these, means 1 tube per month. It smells so heavenly, I feel like eating it rather than applying it, the smell of strawberries is so yummy. It gently exfoliates my skin never leaving the skin dry or rips off of its moisture. It’s very mild on the skin and it really lathers well.

I take a small dollop of the body polish on my loofah, wet it and rub it all over my body in small circular motions. The consistency of the product is just right, neither too runny nor too sticky. Strawberry makes my skin so smooth and the smell stays on my body for a long time and the kiwi seeds and the small walnuts granules help to remove the dead skin very gently. A small amount of product is needed for the whole body because it lathers really well. Apply it all over your body, scrub it with your loofah and rinse it with lukewarm water. You will see immediate results. Its a fab product and it gives instant results making my skin tan free and silky smooth.

After I dry my skin with a towel my skin feels relaxed and hydrated, locking in the moisture content. In winters soaps do dry out your skin and your skin feels dry and has that stretched kind of feeling but after using this body polish you wont ever face this problem, I can assure you that.


-Very citrusy smell
-Not tested on animals
-Products are mostly natural,strawberry,kiwi,honey and walnuts.
-Not harsh on the skin at all.
-Gently exfoliates the skin.


-It finishes off very quickly ,coz its sooo good….


On a scale of 0-10,I would give it a full 10 on 10.


Definitely a big PASS.

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Do try out this product and drop in your comments.

4 thoughts on “The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

  1. Great site. Cheers for sharing.

    • Thanks Yong for liking my blog.

  2. The smell would make me eat this :P.. I am going this weekend to do a TBS haul.. will definitely buy this 🙂 nice review

    • Yogita this body polish is heavenly smeeling. Do buy this, it is simply amazing. Thanks dear.

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