Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Soon

Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Soon


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Dark circles or discolouration underneath the eyes can be caused by any number of factors, from simple tiredness to simply having the gene for them. Most people with shadows under their eyes have them because they have dry skin, are crying a lot, are stressed, or have an unhealthy diet. None of these causes are pleasant in and of themselves, but people should note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is in bad health. It is, however, sometimes unsightly, and can make people feel less confident in themselves. Fortunately, there are many different ways to handler having dark circles under your eyes.

 Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Soon

Almond Oil

Almond oil is particularly useful because it is a gentle oil (like the extreme dark circle serum by skinpro), which can be used on the skin under your eyes without fear of either damaging it or overwhelming it. Using almond oil on your skin can help the cells regenerate, and keep them protected from the outside elements which might be contributing to their dark colour.


Most people are already familiar with the idea of using cucumber during spa treatments, as a means of refreshing your eyes and the skin around them. Cucumber can also be used to help reduce dark circles around your eyes, because it is a mild astringent and can help to reduce puffiness. Dark circles are quite often associated with skin which is tired out, and in need to repair. Cucumber can help with this.

 Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Soon


The juice in a potato has natural bleaching qualities, so it is very useful when it comes to reducing dark circles under your eyes. To use this properly, you need to extract the juice from the potato, and use a cotton wool bud to dab it on under your eyes. As it is absorbed by your skin, the juice tightens up your skin – reducing the puffiness – and works to bleach it lightly, thus making the dark circles a little lighter.

Lemon Juice

Everyone knows that lemon juice lightens skin and hair – Lush actually put it in face washes that they marketed towards Goths, in a bid to ease them into regularly washing their face. What many people don’t know is that the vitamin C has certain properties which can work to reduce dark circles as well. Applying lemon juice on a daily basis is something that can go a long way towards helping people reduce their dark circles.

 Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles Soon

Tea Bags

Used tea bags are useful for getting rid of dark circles because tea has a variety of tannins and antioxidants which work on making skin seem healthier and more vibrant than it otherwise would. Putting used teabags on your skin after they have been chilled for some time lets you get the benefit of those good ingredients directly at the source of the problem. It is important to avoid getting tea in your eyes when using teabags like this – make sure there is no excess liquid left in them.

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  1. I love using almond oil for deep dark circles. Over time it really helps.

    • Yes Sangeeta, it really helps to fade away dark circles.

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