Accessorize it Right!

Accessorize it Right!

Hello Everyone,

Small things are very beautiful and attractive. But what do you do when the small things are attractive yet expensive, especially when that small thing is like a diamond ring or a diamond locket? How do you know if it is going to suit what you are wearing?

We usually get confused whether what we are wearing and what we are accessorizing suits well. We go on with trying to look aesthetic and get stuck up whether or not it has been looking well. Worry no more. Here’s a quick guide to what to wear:

  1. What is the Occasion?

One of the key things to keep in mind while dressing up is to see the occasion. Is it your friend’s birthday, your nephew’s, or your neighbor’s wedding? The look we give says a lot on whose event it is. You will notice that people whose sister’s or brother’s wedding are scheduled, tend to wear heavier clothes in comparison to a cousin’s or a friend’s wedding. The only reason is we dress according to the occasion. And accessories are no less. We wear grander accessories when it is our own family member’s event than a friend’s.

Accessorize it Right!


  1. What is your Jam?

Everybody has their jam; something that is a signature to them and something that everyone knows them or recognizes them with. This is usually so because they are so comfortable with something that they would not mind wearing it over and over again. It is just like your favorite PJs. Know your jam because that is what people will know you with. And flaunt it on any occasion. Be it someone’s wedding or your own party.

Accessorize it Right!

  1. What do you have?

Another important aspect everyone is constantly worried about is whether what they have is good enough? A diamond or gold studs will always add elegance to your attire. If you do not have it, pick something that looks small and elegant studs to match your black or blue dress. You could also try to go without a neck piece and just wear long earrings if your dress is on a more wedding or ethnic look. Bracelets and watches will also add to your aesthetic look.

  1. Where can you invest?

A few things never get old. And a few things like a gold nose stud, diamond earrings, diamond lockets, or pearls will never get old fashion. You will always look elegant and aesthetic with these pieces of art. And investing in such products will not only be beneficial for you today but even in the years to come.

Try and invest when you have the money. This is also going to help you as an asset when you are in crisis and are in need of money. Besides, who doesn’t want their look to be elegant and aesthetic when amongst a few or hundred people? Be bold and be beautiful.

Accessorize it Right!

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  1. Very Good Post !! Interesting Content about little thing.

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