Super Amazing Ways To Thicken Hair Naturally

Super Amazing Ways To Thicken Hair Naturally

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Silky, long, and thick hair is a dream that we all want to come true. In the good old days, women used ingredients from their kitchen to nurture their locks. With advancement, we switched onto chemical solutions that gave quick and short term results. The side effects pop after a time when damage can not be reversed. So to thicken hair, we must go back to our roots and reap the benefits of nature.

Making your hair thick requires effort and time. Natural remedies can thicken hair and make it healthy. You just need to follow it religiously. Before diving into the elixir, we must know why our hair loses its strength and gloss. 

Super Amazing Ways To Thicken Hair NaturallyWhy Does Our Hair Get Thinner?

Reasons for thinning can vary from person to person. If you are crass about your hair, it will lose its shine eventually. Some people suffer from a hormonal imbalance that affects hair. Your genetics also plays a role in your hair texture. Ageing again thins hair over time. All of these problems require specific solutions. But going natural can aid the strengthening process with no side effects.

Can Hair Get Thicker?

A definite yes! Hair follicles can be reopened through various methods. This usually involves stimulating blood flow towards your scalp. An easy and affordable way to thicken hair is to choose a natural hair care regimen and incorporate Ayurveda in your life.

Here are some ways to thicken hair naturally

Onion Juice

Putting anything related to onions on your scalp might seem disgusting. But if you want to thicken your hair, a little smell will not harm. Onions are said to be anti-inflammatory and a rich source of sulfur. Applying onion juice regularly will not only strengthen hair but also get rid of that nasty itch.

Castor oil

A thick and sticky oil that helps thicken hair with ease. All you have to do is take a few drops and massage them onto your scalp. Castor oil is antifungal and contains omega fatty acids. It is excellent for preventing breakage and providing natural moisture to your hair. Not only thicken hair, but it also helps in growing your lashes. 

Super Amazing Ways To Thicken Hair Naturally

Amla Shikakai Reetha- Herbal shampoo powder

Sulfate filled chemical shampoos strip the natural oil from our scalps and damaged hair in the long run. To thicken hair naturally, a herbal shampoo is a must. A fine concoction of amla, shikakai, and reetha is the best. It is packed with vitamin C, multivitamins, and natural nut soap that cleanse hair at par with the market shampoos.


Eggs do an excellent job in nourishing our hair. It is a versatile remedy for all hair problems. Especially, combating thin and brittle hair is a challenging task. Both egg yolk and egg white condition and thicken hair as it is mineral enriched. Next time, don’t just eat one but apply it as well.

Super Amazing Ways To Thicken Hair NaturallyThe Bottom Line 

Do try inculcating these natural remedies into your hair care routine. Along with this, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have more biotin-rich foods and hydrate yourself properly. Get some exercise and manage your stress. This will surely help thicken hair.

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