Outdoor Gear Takes Over Street Fashion

Outdoor Gear Takes Over Street Fashion

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Street fashion is often described as the clothing style that is a complete reflection of one’s personality. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that a lot of young and outdoorsy people are using their favorite hiking and fishing gear as fashion implements.

What’s rather amusing, though, is how the different street fashion looks showcasing outdoor gear are working swimmingly for the younger generation. In addition to that, high-end designer brands are producing their own outdoor-inspired clothing, footwear, and accessories to cater to this unique style many are going for.

Outdoor Gear Takes Over Street Fashion

According to fashion designers and stylists, outdoor gear as streetwear is bound to get even more popular. A local designer in Tokyo says this is because fashion enthusiasts are gravitating more toward comfortable and multifunctional fashion.Outdoor gear possesses both qualities.

But how, exactly, is today’s stylish generation working outdoor gear into their OOTDs? Here are some examples.

1. Pairing feminine dresses with sandals from outdoor brands

This grunge-inspired combo is a lot of young women’s go-to for brunch or hanging out with friends. They wear sandals as an alternative to sneakers or tennis shoes. They also like pairing them with socks to increase comfort and prevent dirt from sticking to their feet.

The sandals are a great way to make rather formal outfits a bit more casual and comfortable.

Pairing feminine dresses with sandals from outdoor brands

2. Wearing a fanny pack as a crossbody or shoulder bag

This is perhaps the most familiar styling trick featuring an outdoorsy item. The fanny pack has long been used by avid fishermen, hikers, and even hunters because it holds a lot of things, and it’s not bothersome to carry.

These days, however, young people use fanny packs as their substitute for a cute purse or crossbody bag, whatever outfit they may be wearing. Opting for a fanny pack automatically gives a bit of an edge to any getup.

And, the even better thing is, those who enjoy wearing them can opt for the more elegant versions of this favorite outdoor gear. Fendi, for instance, has those multi-pocket fanny packs that resemble a tool belt. They boast elegant craftsmanship but are also highly functional.

3.  Using fishing vests as a layering piece for a professional blouse and skirt ensemble

This is such a smart styling trick because fishing vests have a similar shape and length to oversized and boxy suit jackets or blazers. However, they have more functional details to create a more interesting and unique ensemble.

Oddly, fishing vests do not necessarily make a sophisticated blouse and skirt combo more casual. They just give the base outfit a twisted edge. They also provide a ‘wow’ factor to the getup because all the vest pockets make it easy for the ladies to do away with a bag.

4. Wearing an oversized nylon jacket like a trench coat

Nylon is commonly used for fishing and mountain jackets, and it’s proving to be perfect for everyday fashion wear. It comes in a variety of colors, it’s water-resistant, and it pretty much works like a trench coat whether as a functional piece or a style implement.

It goes well with everything from a simple shirt and jeans outfit or a straight off the runway dress such as the Givenchy floral printed midi gown. You can cinch it at the waist with a belt, or leave the jacket open for a more laid-back and boxy silhouette.

Wearing an oversized nylon jacket like a trench coat

5. Pairing hiking boots with everything

Hiking boots are quite similar to Doc Martens or Timberlands, so they make fantastic substitutes to the versatile lace-up boots that everybody’s been loving since the ’90s.

Women like to pair them with baby doll dresses, long floral vintage dresses, plaid school girl-inspired suits, and comfy shirts and distressed jeans combos.

6. Oversized denim shirt paired with all types of clothing

Denim shirts were originally associated with lumberjack fashion, but over the years, they have managed to become just as versatile as denim jeans. There’s no streetwear that you cannot pair a denim shirt with. You can always count on it to look great with a ruffle skirt, leather leggings, cargo shorts, disco tights, or a silk dress, and others.

This piece also knows no season. You can wear it from winter to fall, whichever way you want.

7. Bucket hat with everything

The bucket hat, which is often used by people who love to fish, is a fashion item that can be worn with anything and everything. Although most young people like to wear them with casual outfits, there are more daring folks that don a bucket heat when wearing professional or formal outfits.

Wearing an oversized nylon jacket like a trench coat

There’s no shortage of styling potential with bucket hats. One of the loveliest pairings featuring this hat is with a midi vintage satin dress and strappy silver sandals.

8. Wearing a compass as a necklace or bracelet

With different GPS devices and smartphones that enable you to download a navigation system, who still has a use for a compass, right? But, this analog device is still worth having, especially in situations wherein electric or battery power is not available. Furthermore, it makes for a nifty accessory, too.

You can loop a compass through a dog chain or even a necklace. Or you can strap it around your wrist like a watch. It’s a cute little fashion piece that can still perform its original purpose.

Japanese brand, Muji even has compasses that you can interchange with other tag tools such as a clock, thermometer. Young people actually like to wear these tag tools as accessories for their shoes and bags.

9.Using ultralight bags for hiking as everyday purses

Move over reusable canvas bags because nylon or plastic ultralight bags are now preferred as everyday purses by a lot of young women in Harajuku. As simple as their designs may be, they have become staples for millennial street fashion in Asia.

These bags show readiness for change in the weather and a commitment to minimalism. But, they also give off this cool vibe — like the purse is not an intentional accent to the day’s fashion, even if it is.

Outdoor Gear Takes Over Street Fashion

Indeed, there is a direct connection between your interests and personal style. It’s easy for aspects of both to cross over to each other and work well, which is apparent in the way various outdoor gears are now being used for daily styling.

Do you have interests that impact your personal style? In what ways do you marry both to show off your personality?

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