How to Style Clip-in Bangs

How to Style Clip-in Bangs

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever gotten your bangs cut only to wish somehow you could undo them? If you have been thinking about trying a new style but are feeling a little apprehensive that you might regret your decision later, clip-in bangs might be a great option for you!

Bangs are a fun way to update your look because they essentially pair well with any style and are a great option for those who tend to have trouble choosing just one look. If you are new to clip-in bangs, then keep reading because we are going to tell you how to style them!

How to Style Clip-in Bangs

Here is how you put them on, so they look flawless every single time:

  1. Pick up a clip-in bang:

    Clip-in bangs have been gaining quite a bit of momentum so you might be able to find them at your local beauty store. If not, you will want to purchase from a reputable company online. It is important to make sure you try to match your hair color with the clip-in bang the best you can.

  2. Part your hair down the center:

    By doing this, you are moving your hair out of the way which will make it much easier to apply the faux bang. Apply the clip-in bang so it is sitting flat against the top of your head.

  3. Spray the clipin bang with a little bit of dry shampoo:

    Synthetic hair can sometimes have a sheen to it that can make it look fake- and we are trying to avoid that! Dry shampoo takes away that unnatural shine, helping to make it look more like yournatural hair.

  4. Move the clip-in bang back toward the crown of your head along your part:

    Keep moving the bang back until the ends of the fringe line up exactly where you want the bang to fall. It should line up along your brows.

  5. Secure all the clips from the underside of the faux fringe onto your natural hair:

    Doing this should help to keep everything in place. The fringe should blend into your hair perfectly, and voila! Perfect bangs.

How to Style Clip-in Bangs

How to Style

Now that you know how to put your faux bangs on perfectly, lets style them!

  • Cut the bangs if necessary:

    It is possible that you might find the bangs are a little bit too long. No worries, this is an easy fix! Grab a pair of scissors or shears. Start by just trimming the bangs vertically instead of horizontally. This will help them to maintain a natural texture.

  • Style with your fingers or a brush:

    When you apply clip-in bangs for the first time, they can sometimes look a little flat when you first secure them. Run your fingers through your bangs gently to help give them a slightly tousled look. You can also use a brush to smooth them out for a sexy and sleek look.

  • Use a styling tool:

    If your bangs are still not looking very natural, you can easily fix that problem with a styling tool! For extra volume, use a curling iron. To smooth out your faux bangs, use a straightener. (If your bangs are synthetic, make sure you are using low heat to avoid them from melting).

  • Wash your bangs regularly:

    The frequency of how often you wash your bangs will depend on how much you wear them. You might want to wash them at least once a week, but if you are not wearing them that often, once a month will be fine.

How to Style Clip-in Bangs

If you have been thinking about trying a new look, clip-in bangs are a fun and easy way to instantly change your appearance – and the best part is, if you do not like them, you can immediately take them out! No permanent damage done.

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