Why Kurtis Is All Time Favorite For Girls

Why Kurtis Is All Time Favorite For Girls

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No matter the fancy ladies hate to admit that they love kurtis more than any other dress but every time laziness knocks, irresistible kurti love comes into action. And this goes to every woman in the world. From Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone to any simple girl from village or town, all age females love the kurti top more than any other outfit in India.  This craziness for kurti has been running for a long time, and in this post, we discuss the top reasons behind it

Kurtis is Easily Available in Market

Kurtis top is not like any other traditional dress that only available for certain period unlike the lehenga and cholis, and one can only find variety during wedding season or festival season. Whereas Kurtis is available in various designs at wholesale price.

Why Kurtis Is All Time Favorite For Girls

Kurtis Suits for Both Indian and Western Trend

When any girl thinks about indo western appearance, undoubtedly, the first outfit comes to mind is a kurti because no other traditional clothing sets so well with jeans or leggings. Even the shapes and cuts are also available in a wide range, so there are uncountable possibilities to pair kurti with any western bottom for the outstanding result. Even this cannot be replaced by designer salwar kameez

Available in Almost all Sizes

From plus size female to skinny girl, this readymade kurti can cover all age group because the kurtis are crafted in all size so it can easily set on all type of body. Even the mature Indian woman can buy kurti from fashion market without any hesitation.

Easy Wear for Travelling

When it comes to bag-packing while going on short tour or the long vacation, Indian females search for the kurtis in wardrobe, or they buy a bunch of kurtis from fashion market because they know the importance of the tunic during travelling.

Kurti Provides Unlimited Options to Pair with Bottom Outfits

One cannot count the bottom wear that sets superbly with kurtis. From a variety of the Jeans to the Palazzos and Salwar to pencil pants, one can find thousands of patterns available at store hence girls can try different bottom and look extraordinary every time.

Why Kurtis Is All Time Favorite For Girls

 Diverse Styles Available for Every Occasion

Be it in friend’s birthday party or on a date, kurti can present any female in very modish manner because of the manufacturer or producer crafts this tunic as traditional multipurpose attire. This outfit is not like a Saree or a salwar kameez that suits only for specific occasions like Diwali or wedding.

Kurti Gives Trendy Appearance with the Highest Level of Comfort

Many girls favour kurti because of the top level of easiness it offers without hearting overall look whereas, with any other embroidered suit or Saree, you cannot get the same level of comfort with style. If you prefer trendy patterns in saree, then you have to adjust with heavy embroidery patterns, and it hearts the smoothness of the fabric.

Kurti doesn’t Heart the Budget

Instead of spending two thousand rupees on superb saree or Anarkali dress, many Girls like to buy three fancy kurtis because each tunic only cost them  600 rupees so overall investment is only 1800 rupees and they also have the luxury to wear these kurtis on multiple occasions.

These are the top reasons that make kurti tunic an irreplaceable outfit and most loved dress among all Indian girls.

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  1. WOW! This fashionable kurtis are so awesome

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