Which is the Best Snoring Solution?

Which is the Best Snoring Solution?

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Snoring is harassing both for a snorer and for a person that sleeps next to him/her. The main difference is that the snorer is not aware of the sound, while the other person is. Snoring is sometimes represented in a funny way, but it is not funny at all. The snorer might feel the consequences of the snoring only after he/she wakes up, while the partner feels it both through the night but through the day also.

No matter if you are the snorer or a snorer’s partner or a part of a family, you would want to find the solution. You probably asked yourself which is the best snoring solution. We will give you the answer in this article.

You probably see snoring as an unpleasant sound. Yet, do you know what hides behind snoring?

Snoring starts in the throat or the nose, depending on many factors. However, throat snoring is much more common. It occurs due to the dry air passing through the respiratory organs. Throat tissue and soft palate participate in producing snoring.

Relaxation of the throat tissue makes the airways narrower. Obese people have additional fat around the throat, which presses up against the tissue. If you have a dry throat or the air in the room is dry, it will irritate the respiratory ways also.

Which is the best snoring solution?

Decongest your Nose 

Clogged nose means that you must breathe through your mouth. Yet, if you don’t have any issue within the throat, but some amount of air can get through your nose, it will produce nose snoring. That is why you should rinse it with salty water or inhale eucalyptus or peppermint oil. This cleanses the airways and releases the tension. When the air has enough space to come through, snoring will be gone.

Tight Muscles 

Do you know what exercises can help you snore less? Any physical activity is good for your organism and for your respiratory organs. Fresh air opens up the airways. Additionally, the activity makes your muscles tensed. You have some muscles in your throat too. Did you know that? Fat around the neck narrows the airways, so obese people snore. If you have an optimal weight but you notice that your neck is slightly thicker, make sure you do some throat exercises. For example, repeating vowels a few times a day will strengthen the throat. Playing woodwind instruments help a lot too.


Pranayama is a sub type of yoga. This exercise makes you gain control over your breathing. Shallow breaths will never provide you with enough oxygen. Pranayama shows you how to take deep, slow breaths, which provides you with the optimal oxygen amount. This exercise also improves the circulation in your body. As you would improve your circulation and your breathing, you would snore less or snoring would disappear completely.

Which is the best snoring solution?

Avoid Medicines and Sedatives

Medicines can help you with one issue, but all those contraindications can make a mess in your organism. Sedatives especially affect snoring, as they relax the body. You would relax just enough when you fall asleep, but the relaxation increases with the sedatives. Too much relaxation makes the throat muscles lose, which is something you don’t want. As we mentioned above, the muscles should be a bit tensed so the air comes through freely. Loose muscles will make you snore. If you have difficulties to fall asleep, you better drink a mint or thyme tea before going to bed. It will make you fall asleep fast, while it won’t relax the muscles too much.

Prevent Snoring with a Mouthpiece

We saved the best for the end. Mouthpieces are a gift from God. Get yourself a mouthpiece to prevent snoring. You will be one more content customer. Millions of people got rid of snoring this way. It takes minimal effort but produces maximal pleasure. After a few nights, you will get used to it and enjoy every night and every morning with your partner.

Which is the best snoring solution?

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