Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Hello everyone,


Today I am going to review a miraculous product that has come as a boon in my life. I have always had frizzy and wavy hair and have always struggled to tame but all in vain. Inspite of trying very hard my frizzy hair always made me look like a frizz ball. I tried several products to tame them down but they just don’t react to any product that I have used on them. After losing every hope to control the frizziness  I started blow drying and flat ironing my hair, that made my hair look so nice and polished but using continuous heat on my hair kept bothering me all the times.

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Then one day while surfing through I came across the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops and was intrigued to try it out. I always wanted to try out some Toni & Guy products but as they pretty expensive I was in a dilemma whether to try it out or not. I was a bit hesitant to try their products as I was really not sure as to will they suit me or not but when recently I spotted  their Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops was on 40% discount so I ordered it as everyone had raved about it and almost everyone had the same opinion about it that it solves the problem of frizzy hair.

Price of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review:

Rs.650 but I got it on 40% discount for Rs.390.

You can order it from

Company Description:

Helps prevent frizz and flyaways and gives high shine with a gloss finish.

Directions For Use:

Rub 2-3 drops between palms then smooth through lengths and ends of hair.

Swatches of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Ingredients of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

My Experience with the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

I really love my long wavy brown hair and I am always take very good care of my tresses. The two issues that bother me the most is my over oily scalp and my frizzy hair. I have still not been able to find a solution to control the excessive oil production of my scalp but after using this miraculous hair serum I can say that my frizzy hair problem has been solved to quite an extent.Who doesn’t want shiny and frizz free hair so if you are looking for just one product to control the frizziness just go and buy the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops and see the miracle happen.

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

This Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops comes in a cardboard  carton packaging which contains all the details about the product on it. Inside the cardboard packaging comes a round heavy glass bottle. The bottle has a pump dispenser which has a lock mechanism. The serum is transparent in colour and has a thick consistency to it, somewhat like the consistency of castor oil. Seeing the consistency I thought it must be very oily and a very heavy product to use on the hair but this serum gets absorbed into my hair like a dream. I divide my hair into two parts and apply one drop to each part means two drops for my entire hair length and it makes my hair so smooth, shiny, tangle free and frizz free.

I think this product deserves a big round of applause for being so true to all its claims. After using this serum my hair detangles in a matter of seconds, no fussy hair tangles and so no hair breakage. My hair is just loving this treat. I use this serum on my damp and towel dried hair and it gives me a salon like soft, polished and frizz free hair.

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

The Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops has an very fruity smell to it which lingers on my hair for a long time. This serum also helps to calm down any flyaways. I take 2 drops and work it from the mid length to the ends of my hair. As my scalp is oily I do not apply any product on my scalp at all. The serum looks greasy and I felt it would leave an oily residue on my palm but once I apply the serum on my hair and rub my palms on my hair, the serum vanishes and gets absorbed into my hair without leaving any residue on my palms.

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops is a paraben free product so that is a big plus point for me. I would say I am truly, madly and deeply in love with this magic serum.It makes my hair shiny and frizz free until the next wash. I have also used it on my second day hair and it calms down and controls my hair frizz and works wonderfully on dry hair too. It is a bit expensive if you get it on full price but I will be stocking this product up as it is still on discount. This is a one product solution to any type of frizzy and unmanageable hair. I have used this serum and have flat ironed and blow dried my hair and this product gives me that salon like finished hair which is very shiny and so silky soft. I have become a fan of this product and I think it will always be a staple in my hair care routine.

Hits of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

  • Tames frizzy manes.
  • It has a very useful pump dispenser.
  • Hair looks polished and shiny after application.
  • Gets absorbed into the hair like a dream.
  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Not at all oily.
  • Detangles hair very easily.
  • Paraben free product.

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Misses of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

  • Glass packaging as it is prone to breakage.
  • Expensive if it is available on full price.

 Rating of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

I would give it a 4.5/5.

Will I repurchase the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops?

Always… I will keep going back to this one.

Would I recommend the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops to anyone?

Yes, I would recommend it to all frizzy hair beauties. It is a must have product so go and grab it.

Girls do comment if you have any product in your life that helps you to tame your unmanageable and frizzy hair.

16 thoughts on “Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

  1. This serum sounds great! Have your tried Avon’s Hair serum?? Check out here

    • Salma this Toni & Guy serum is amazing.I have never tried the Avon one but would love to if it helps with frizzy hair issue.?

  2. I soooooo need this product. I think I was searching for this kind of product only. Thank for this review. 🙂

    • Alisha this product is awesome.Go ahead and grab it.Thanks.

  3. wow this looks great Yamini. Would love to try it 😀

    • Megha this serum is worth trying.

  4. I can’t live without hair serums. This one looks great, thanks for the review!

    • Rakhshanda I love this serum to bits.Do try it and let me know how it faired on you.Thanks.?

  5. Your review on this product is so tempting Yamini,yeah I badly need this serum!

    • Anamika if you also have the same problem of frizzy hair do get this serum.It will really help to tame down your unmanageable hair.?

  6. Sounds like a great product for frizzy hair…

    • Yeah Gressa this serum works as a miracle for frizzy hair.

  7. sounds nice and you called it a miracle so I am basically sold 😀

    • Yeah Soumya,this one works as miracle for me.?

      • Anna

        Well, I just bought it a moment ago, for Rs. 990 and wanted to see some reviews before giving it a try on my hair as I don’t afford to apply a greasy serum on my hair just before leaving for the work in the morning. 😀 let’s see how does it work. I have always been using the other tony & guy products since years now, but never tried their serum.

        • This is a really amazing non greasy hair serum, I am sure you are going to love it.

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