Hello,today’s blog post is going to be about the make up trend that has created a buzz amongst big Hollywood celebrities to beauty bloggers to make up artists,strobing seems to be the next big thing to have hit the beauty world.


If you’re beauty obsessed and have an instagram account,you’ve probably seen the hashtag #strobing a lot in the past few weeks.While contouring was a lot preferred last year,this year,strobing definitely has got all the hype because it seeks to define your facial features by using light alone.

Many Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lopez,Actress Jessica Alba have adopted the strobing technique in the past but it has now really latched on with beauty bloggers.If you have only just mastered the art of contouring,sorry to say,it is time to put your brush down.There is a new make up trend on the block and it surely does promise to make your life better and much easier.Kim Kardashian made sure that 2014 was all about contouring but now it is 2015 and now that the summer and the rainy season has arrived,the luminous look is in and the new beauty technique of strobing is gathering all the limelight.


Strobing is a new and natural form of highlighting the facial features,which makes your face look soft and subtle.According to professional make up artist Jorjee Douglass a strobed face is achieved by applying highlighter where the sun or light would naturally hit your face-including the bridge of your nose,center of the forehead,cupid’s bow,brow bones,inner corner of the eye,tip of the chin and cheekbones.Strobing is actually the opposite of contouring.

Whereas contouring consists of using a thick blend of darker and lighter shades to chisel your facial features such as the cheeks,nose and chin,strobing does the complete opposite.Most make up professionals say that strobing has gathered all the hype and popularity because of its ability to highlight facial features without piling on too much makeup.

Dabbing on some soft and shimmery shades to the high points of your face makes your skin look radiant,healthy and glowing.And the best part is that you do not feel suffocated under layers and layers of makeup because you are only using one extra product.You can also use this technique as an alternative to water-proof make up during monsoons.

Contouring is adding lowlights and shadows to your face by using a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone,strobing,is however focusing on the light.Strobing solely relies on highlighters and natural light to define your face and radiate a youthful look.While contouring often leaves a matte finish,strobing delivers a shimmery effect if the right products are used.


Make up professionals emphasize the importance of only highlighting the areas you want to be more prominent,because it will bring more attention to them and be sure to keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a shade or the effect can be jarring.



For pale skin,use a highlighter with light pink undertones,for medium and medium -deep skin,use gold based products.And those with dark skin tones should look for highlighters with a burnt orange or burgundy colour to them.


If you are fair to medium tone,I recommend using more of a champagne colour.If you are tanned to dark,I would use golds and deeper bronzed shades.If you are of a fairer shade then you don’t want to use anything that is too deep because it will start to look like you have used a bronzer.

Start with a moisturized face.Mix a bit of luminizer with your fondation,choose anything that gives a dewy finish,do not opt for anything that is matte.Then use a highlighter to enhance the areas where light would naturally hit your face,including your temples,cheekbone,center of your forehead,bridge of your nose,cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin.

Liquid and cream highlighters are the most popular formulas for strobing because they create a super-dewy finish.Just apply them with your fingers,then blend with a beauty blender or a fan brush.
I have tried to cover everything related to Strobing in this post,hope all of you like it and post in your comments and try out this new makeup trend and tag me on Instagram.

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