Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

Hi girls,

I was in search of a few good quality makeup brushes, first I thought of buying Morphe brushes as they are highly raved by my favourite Youtuber Jaclyn Hill but as they were not readily available in India and then all that fuss of ordering them from abroad with all that shipping and customs is a big headache, so I decided to try out the Pac brushes.

Pac brushes have taken the Indian makeup scene by a storm. Pac brushes are just all over the place, from Youtubers to beauty bloggers, everyone is raving about them. Some bloggers have even compared these Pac brushes to the world famous Mac brushes. As everyone was on a bandwagon I too decided to jump in and ordered 3 brushes from Pac. I got the 002,286 and the 033 brush.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

Where to buy from:

You can buy the brushes from their official website HERE or you can buy them from Flipkart or Amazon. Pac Brushes have a outlet in Mumbai so all you Mumbaikars can go to their store and pick up your favourites.

Price: Rs.653.

Company Description:
  • Perfectly hand -cut bristles to help you build the required coverage with ease.
  • Achieve a flawless, ultra plush result every time.
  • Dab, apply and blend the foundation to achieve the desired coverage.
  • Light weight and intelligently shaped for comfort of application.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

My Experience with the Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush:

These Pac brushes come in a black sleeve or a pouch with a zip lock. The brush also comes with a bristle guard to keep the bristle shape intact. I quite like the concept of a bristle guard and the pouch, I think this is a very unique packaging concept. It is so convenient to travel with these pouches, you can pop your brushes into the pouch and need not worry about the bristle shape getting distorted during the travel.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

The Flawlessly Me 002 Brush is a big tapered brush with very dense bristles. It has a sturdy black handle and it has the brush name and number on it. This brush works well with cream as well as with powder products. The bristles are super dense, very good quality bristles designed to give a flawless finish. The tapered head of the brush helps to get in the nooks and corners of the face like in the inner corner of the eye and in the corners of the nose. The bristles are extremely soft, they don’t feel harsh on the delicate areas of the eyes. The sturdy handle makes it easy to manoeuvre the brush on the face.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

I usually apply and blend my Mac Studio Finish Concealer with my fingertips but ever since I’ve got this brush I have been using it everyday and it works so well with blending the concealer. It picks up just the right amount of concealer from the pan and also distributes it to my under eye area so beautifully. I apply and blend my concealer with this brush and it gives me a smooth, flawless finish. After applying my concealer I clean my brush on a wet wipe and apply a powder to set my under eye concealer with the same brush and it does that job also to perfection.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

It gives me the most natural finish with my concealer without creasing. I am so much in love with it, it has solved my most difficult task of applying and blending my concealer and then setting my under eye with a powder. It does that job in a few minutes and I am done for the day. My under eye area does not crease or move a bit all day long. It is a must have brush for all those makeup geeks out there. It is such a multi purpose brush. They are such premium quality brushes at such an affordable price. I have also tried blending my contour with this brush and it blended the contour without much effort.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

I have washed this brush twice and there wasn’t any shedding at all. I clean my brushes with a baby shampoo and after washing I spread them on a towel and let them air dry. After my brush is 70% dry I put the bristle guard on the brush to keep the bristles in shape. They have retained their shape after 2 washes and they do not shed any bristles at all.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review


Rating of the Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush: I would give it a full 5/5.

Pros of the Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush:
  • Affordable brushes.
  • Multi purpose brush.
  • Dense and super soft bristles.
  • Comes in a very cute pouch and with a bristle guard.
  • Does it job brilliantly.
  • Retains its shape after the wash.
  • Works well with cream as well as with powders.

Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

Cons of the Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush:
  • Can’t think of any con.They are really so good.
Will I recommend Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush to anyone?

I will surely recommend it to all makeup lovers, go and buy it. It is going to make your life much easier.

Will I repurchase the Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush?

I am definitely going to repurchase another Pac 002 brush as I like to use different brushes for my concealer and my powder. I will be picking up a few more brushes from Pac as I am in love with them.

Please share your favourite Pac brushes too in the comments.

Until next time,


Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

38 thoughts on “Pac Flawlessly Me 002 Brush Review

  1. Great review dear, I have been meaning to pick up few brushes from this brand 🙂

    • Vasundhara pick up these brushes coz they are really awesome.?

  2. This is such a lovely brush…Even I want something for my concealor and I think it is the right thing..Will bring it soon…Lovely review and pics… 🙂 🙂

    • Ritam it is a must have brush as it does couple of things.I really like it . Thanks sweetheart.?

  3. Great review hun ! Have been hearing so much about PAC from Indian bloggers and youtubers.The brush looks really good and glad to know that it does the work 🙂

    • Karishma Pac brushes are being highly raved by all Indian bloggers and Youtubers so I too decided to give it a try and I must say it hasn’t disappointed me at all.They are really very good and that too at an affordable price.

  4. Wow looks like a good brush ! Very helpful review.

    • Alisha Pac brushes are amazing…?

  5. I love PAC Products too! 🙂

    • I am really liking Pac brushes.Really excited to try out some more products from Pac.

  6. Great review! PAC has some really awesome products.

    • I truly agree with you dear,Pac has some great line of products.?

  7. I can see Pac everywhere. This looks so good but i have way too many brushes 🙂

    • Megha I too agree with you on this that Pac is everywhere…?

  8. I have tried a few products from PAC & they are great! Would love to try their brushes & false eyelashes now 🙂

    • Rakhshanda I too would love to try out their other products as their brushes are so good.??

  9. Nice detailed review dear. When I will come to India, I am definitely gonna try PAC brushes 🙂

    • Akansha you really need to try out their brushes.Do pick up a few of them when you visit India.You are gonna love them.?

  10. Wow Yamini,this brush seems to be like winner hun! Lovely review and wonderful clicks 🙂

    • Anamika these Pac brushes are a winner.Totally loving them all . Thanks Anamika.?

  11. Such a detailed review there Yamini. I am yet to try this brand as it is not available in Dubai 🙁

    • Soumya I know it must not be available in Dubai but do get them when you visit India coz they are really good.

  12. I have been hearing all praises about Pac Cosmetics makeup and brushes…loved the detailed review 🙂

    • Anubhuti Pac brushes are worthy of all the praise they are getting.Thanks a lot dear.?

    • Ankita this is indeed a great brush.?

  13. Wow Yamini this brush looks so nice and so multi purpose. It can be used for setting/baking the under eye area too. I will keep this one in mind when I order next yay 😀

    • Harman this brush works excellently to set the under eye.Do buy this coz its really good.

    • Harman this works works great on setting the under eye.Do get hold of this.It is really an awesome brush.?

  14. PAC cosmetics are great.. this brush is such a useful.. multi-purpose 🙂 Nice review

    • Really Shwetali,Pac is really suprising us with such amazing launches…

  15. I wud love to try some brushes from them bt sometime later as I have too many already..
    They r a great company !!

    • I too had a lot of brushes Neha but ad everyone was raving about Pac brushes,I had to try it out.?

  16. PAC has some amazing brushes. Recently, I caved in a bought the PAC beauty blender even though I am not a great fan of sponges in general:)

    • Thripti even I am not that fond of makeup sponges.Pac has some really good makeup brushes and that too at an affordable price.

      • Hi, I went through the blog and I enjoyed reading it. You have mentioned a lot of Natural skin care products and they are good for the skin and I suggest my friends and family members to use such type of products rather than damaging skin by using chemical products and I follow the regime all the time. I too always prefer Ayurvedic products for skin, hair etc. We feel the timing for such products and its offerings is key to addressing a number of issues people face today on a daily basis. From stress to aging to vitamin deficiencies, these problems are caused by natural circumstances and need a solution that also comes from a natural source, and has those answers. Have you ever heard about Soultree India which gives ayurvedic organic skin and beauty care product. The ingredients which they use to make 100% ayurvedic beauty product is from mother nature. All products use authentic Ayurvedic recipes and honestly-sourced natural, organic ingredients that do no harm, only good.

        • Hi Aditi, I have heard about Soul Tree but never tried their products. Would definitely love to try their products in the future.

  17. Great blog! I have been using different skincare products but after reading this definitely going to give them a try too!! Thanks for sharing

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