My Nail Care Routine

My Nail Care Routine

Hello everyone,

For the past one year I had been suffering with the problem of nail chipping and brittle nails. My cuticles were in very dry and were chipping badly as a result they used to pain a lot. I was really tensed seeing the terrible condition of my nails and cuticles so one fine day I decided to take my nail health seriously and designed a special nail care routine. I have been following this routine for 2 months now and my nail health has improved drastically and I have benefited greatly from this nail care routine.

My Nail Care Routine

I will pen down all the steps I follow for my nail care routine and hope it helps you too.

Nail Care Routine

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

So the first thing I do in the morning is to moisturize my hands and nails properly with a good hand and nail cream. Keeping the hands and nails moisturized is the key to healthy hands and nails. So always, always keep them properly moisturized.

Use a Nail Cream

I went to The Body Shop store around 2 months back as I was looking for a nail cream to help me with the problem of nail chipping. There were a lot of hand and nail creams but  I decided to try out The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment. I have been using it for 2 months and I am so astonished with the results. This nail treatment has solved the problem of nail chipping to a large extent. Ever since I have been using this cream my nails have grown a lot without chipping.

My Nail Care Routine

So the next step is to apply a good nail cream to your nails as they really help to condition the nail and helps prevent nail chipping.

Use a Cuticle Oil or Cuticle Cream

As my cuticles were in awful condition I also went ahead and started using a cuticle massage cream and a cuticle oil. I have been using the Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream and the Jericho Cuticle oil and I must say that these two products have changed my life. My cuticles are so healthy now with no chipping at all.

You can read the full review of the Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream HERE.

You can read the full review of the Jericho Cuticle Oil HERE.

Always include a cuticle cream or a cuticle oil in your daily routine. At night while going to bed I apply a small amount of the oil or the cream on my cuticles and massage them in circular motions. The massage makes my cuticles very soft and prevent them from chipping.

My Nail Care Routine

Jericho Cuticle Oil

I had never realized the importance of cuticle creams or cuticle oils but now that I have been using them for a while it is really evident that these products do help us a lot and are extremely important in our nail care routine.

Push Back Your Cuticles

Pushing back your cuticles is also necessary for healthy nails. Dip your hands in lukewarm water for 2 minutes and push back the cuticles with the help of a orange stick or a cuticle pusher once in a while.

My Nail Care Routine

Apple Cider Vinegar For Brittle Nails

Apple Cider Vinegar is another remedy for brittle nails. It is loaded with nutrients that are healthy for your nails. Mix in equal quantities of raw, unfiltered of ACV and water in a small bowl. Soak your nails in this solution for few minutes. Do this once a week and your nails will become much stronger after doing this.

Dip Nails In Olive Oil

Once in a week I take 5 tbsp of olive oil in a bowl, warm it in a microwave for 20 seconds and I dip my clean nails in it for 2 minutes. This helps to strengthen the nails and makes the cuticles moisturized. After taking out my hand from the oil I massage the oil that is left on my nails in circular motions.

My Nail Care Routine

Trim, File and Buff Your Nails

Another step that I follow to keep my nails in good condition is to cut and file my nails at an interval of 15 days. I always trim or file my nails in 15 days. I always use a glass nail file to file my nails as the metal one or the emery board  is too abrasive and it damages my nails. I mainly file my nails to get rid of ragged edges and to round out the corners. However I always remember to file my nails in one direction to avoid any splitting and cracking. I have almond nails and this shape really suits my nails and it also helps my nails to grow without breaking.  After filing my nails I always buff them with my Jericho Nail Buffer. The buffer smoothens out my nails and gives my nails a very nice shine and luster.

You can buy a glass nail file from HERE.

I use my Jericho Nail Buffer to buff my nails. You can read the full review of the nail buffer HERE.

My Nail Care Routine

Jericho Nail Buffer

Take a Break

You should always remember to let your nails breathe because that is very important for maintaining healthy nails. If you love applying nail paints like me I recommend taking a break from nail paints once in a while. Always keep a gap of  a few days in between, leave your nails without nail paint and let them breathe. If you love getting nail extensions done keep a gap in between that also. I had got nail extensions in December last year and after a couple of months I got them removed because it was harming my nails and they needed to breathe. So always give your nails a break from all that nail extensions and nail paint.

My Nail Care Routine

My French Manicure Nail Extensions

Apply a Base Coat

If you like applying dark nail paints do remember to apply a base coat underneath to prevent staining your nails. Always use a nail polish remover which is acetone free because acetone in nail paint removers can dry out the nails and hence cause breakage.

Use a Nail Growth Activator

If your nail growth is slow apply a nail growth activator to accelerate the growth of your nails. I use Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator and it helps to increase the nail growth rate.

My Nail Care Routine

I have been following this nail care routine for a couple of months now and I am really happy seeing how well this routine has worked for me. I will be sharing pictures of how long my nails have become after using this routine. First my nails used to start chipping once they grew a bit but now you can see in the pics that they have become so long. This nail care routine has solved the problem of nail chipping almost completely and as you can see my cuticles are also in so good condition.

My Nail Care Routine

My Nail Care Routine

You also get manicures done to give your nails some extra care and pampering. You can go for regular manicures at salon or you can do manicures at home. I will be doing a post on how to do manicure and pedicure at home, so keep a watch on that.

So this was my nail care routine that I have following and I am so happy seeing the condition of my nails after this routine. If there any tips you would like to share please comment down below. Suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome.


40 thoughts on “My Nail Care Routine

  1. I’m not big on growing nails.. but I should at least start taking care of them well.

    • Hey Sangeeta,howz life in US.We all should take care of our nails and hands,they really make a big difference in our appearance .Missing your bloh posts dear.Your US haul was awesome.

  2. cool compilation. few new things to add to my routine…

  3. What an informative post! I admit that I’m so bad when it comes to caring for my nails. I’m just so active that I forget to take the time to show them love. I’ll have to check out that nail cream though. It sounds like something I could benefit from. I’d really like to get healthy looking nails. I can’t wait for your mani and pedi post!

    • Lisa thank you so much for the long comment.I bet you will really like The Body Shop nail cream and it is damn effective and it really helps to grow your nails without chipping.Lisa will be posting the pedi and mani post really soon.Thanks again dear and I hope you try all these tips and you will be able to grow your nails really long.??

  4. Not really big on growing nails but these tips are really useful 🙂 Nice post.

  5. Some very useful tips. I am going to try ACV and olive oil treatment. Informative post.

  6. Very detailed post.

  7. I like my nails trimmed, clean and short! Thanks for such unique tips 🙂

  8. Hey yamini 🙂 Such a detailed and informative post! Lot to learn as i hardly do anything to take care of my nails 🙁 thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Ria.Thanks a lot darling.I am glad you liked my post.Do try out these simple tips and your nails are going to love the pampering.??

  9. Gosh, I miss those days in my spinster life when weekend meant long hours of mani and pedi grooming at home. Now I barely get time after marriage 🙁
    very nice post 🙂

    • Shampita that is the sad part that we often forget to take care of ourselves after getting married . Our husband,our new house becomes our priority but I feel we shouldn’t forget ourselves in the whole process.Do take out some time for and pamper yourself.??

  10. I rarely take care of my nails but i never forget to apply a hand cream before i sleep!

    • Hi Megha,it is really nice to hear that you keep nails properly moisturized.Follow these steps and you will be really happy to see the results sweetie…?

  11. Very informative post! Good work, Yam 😉

    • Thanks a lot Ragini.My bestie calls me Yam…You reminded me of her.?

  12. Thanks for the lovely tips dear. I am so eager to try TBS Vit E habd cream. My cuticles are so soft that whenever I try to push them they start bleeding a little 🙁 Do you know any solution to this?

    • Megha thanks a lot dear.You should definitely try TBS hand and nail treatment,it is really awesome.Megha apply a generous amount of a rich cream om your cuticles,don’t massage it in and dip your nails in lukewarm water with the cream on for 3-4 minites.After 3 min.,take your each finger and try pushing back your cuticles with the help of an ear bud.Cuticle pushers and orange sticks can be harsh on your soft cuticles so doing that with a ear bud wil hopefully help you.After pushing back the cuticles massage the left over cream on the nails into your nails and cuticles.Hope this helps dear.Do tell me if it did help you or not.??

  13. My nails dont grow at all and if they do, they grow once in six Thanks for sharing the tips babe..Maybe these can help me a little 🙂

    • Purva try all these steps religiously and I am sure these tips will help you to grow your nails. Thanks a ton dear.

  14. Wow Yamini, these are wonderful tips. I would surely follow them. I use hand and nail cream, ACV and baking soda to make nails white and strong. Thanks for sharing this helpful post 🙂

    • Thank you a lot Anamika, these steps really help you grow long and healthy nails…

  15. Amazing posts honey. I love growing my nails and this post was very informative. thanks for sharing !!

    • Thanks a ton sweetie.Try these steps and I hope they help you grow your nails Karishma.

  16. Need a nail cream now! Thanks for this post <3

    • Thanks a ton Rakshanda… Try out TBS hand and nail creams, they are awesome.

  17. nice step by step explained 🙂 thanks for sharing

    • Thank you so much Shwetali…

  18. my poor nail, i ignore them so much 🙁
    Thanks for the elaborate post dear.

    • Thanks you so much Khushi…?

  19. My nails break off easily, I guess I should start using TBS Vit E nail cream. Dipping in Olive oil is even nice idea.. A perfect way to take care of nails. thanks for the post.

    • Yogita use TBS nail cream and I am sure your nails are going to love it.Do try these simple steps and I assure you that your nails will become healthy and will definitely grow much longer than they generally are.

  20. Very useful post Yamini..i would love to try Tbs nailcream now, i did not know they can make a difference :p

    • Anubhuti thanks a ton. I also thought that nail creams do not make a difference but after using TBS nail cream it has changed my perception altogether.

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