Must Have Dresses For Your Baby

Must Have Dresses For Your Baby

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Having a baby come in your life is the most wonderful thing. As your bundle of joy arrives, arrives with it a number of clothes from your loved ones as a form of a gift. Usually, guests gift baby lots of baby dresses and toys, which may or may not fit your child at the moment. So if you want to shop for your baby, there are a different kind of baby dresses that you need to look out for. A baby dress collection is what you need to have. There are the types of baby dresses that you can purchase online.


This is the most common yet the most comfortable of baby dresses for your little one. It is more like a jumpsuit which can keep pace with your growing baby. They are easy to wear and will be helpful for you as you clean your baby a number of times a day.

Must Have Dresses For Your Baby

Kimono tops:

There are loose T-shirts with side snaps or ties that minimize contact with a newborn’s still sensitive umbilical cord stump. They can be easily put on your baby without it having a rough contact with his/her face. They come in short and long sleeve and can also be worn over a bodysuit.

Beanie hats:

Beanies are not just for the adults but even for babies. Babies tend to catch a cold quickly which is why this baby dress will protect your child by regulating his/her body temperature. They come in a variety of sizes, prints and colours to choose from.

Must Have Dresses For Your Baby

Baby socks:

This is a part of the baby dress that you must buy for your little one. The weather can be cold or hot but a baby can catch a cold quickly which is why these socks can keep their feet warm. The socks will cover the baby’s feet and protect from insect bites too.


More like pyjamas, this baby dress is a must-own so that your baby can sleep peacefully and freely. It will keep the baby warm and cosy and is available on full and short sleeves.

Baby leggings:

This baby dress is ideal for the times when you take your little one out for a walk in the park. Being full length you can put on a t-shirt so your child will remain warm and cosy. They come in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

Must Have Dresses For Your Baby


This baby dresses are diaper covers that your child can wear to roam around freely in the house. While they are cosy and light-weighted, your child need not wear pants on it whenever indoors.

These baby dresses are available on Myntra where you can shop as per your price range and choice. You can even check the quality of the fabric through the description given under the item listed. Dress up your tiny tot in the most fashionable yet casual way in these baby dresses.

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