Microneedling Roller Tools: Do They Hurt?

Microneedling Roller Tools: Do They Hurt?

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In the world of anti-aging and skin care products, there are always new developments. Sometimes they turn out to simply be a short-lived trend or fad, and sometimes they become staples. If they are truly innovative and special, they become must haves.

One such must have is microneedling roller tools. Ever since their rise in popularity began, people have had endless questions about them and how they work. The one question on everybody’s mind is “do they hurt?”.

The question is understandable. For something that has the word “needle” in the title, it is no surprise that people assume that it entail at least a little bit of pain. After all, the price of beauty is pain, right? Wrong. At least not with micro needling roller tools.

Why Don’t They Hurt?

The simplest answer to the question can be found in its title: micro. When you take a microneedling roller tool across your skin, you are creating the absolute tiniest punctures imaginable. They are so tiny that it is just not enough to hurt.

Those tiny little puncture holes work to make your skin healthier as they heal up, and they are barely even noticeable. You are only affecting the outer layer of skin so you ae not quite going deep enough to cause pain and certainly nowhere near deep enough to draw blood.

Microneedling Roller Tools: Do They Hurt?

If it was painful, there would not be so many people using it. Although, the results are so effective that maybe people would power through the pain, if there was any.

Is It Worth It?

For many people, yes, it is worth it. Considering that there is no pain and it takes little time; it is a win-win situation. It can help with everything from acne scars to loose pours and wrinkles.  When you compare it to some of the alternatives, it becomes clear that micro needling is probably the only option entirely without pain.

Even many topicals have uncomfortable side effects. There are plenty of topicals that should help with the same things that microneedlers help with, but they do it at the cost of something else. Many of the alternatives carry side effects that are not worth it, such as:

  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Peeling
  • Acne

Of course, there are plenty of great skin care products out there. The beauty of microneedling, however, is that you don’t need to add another cream or topical to your routine. It can fit right in with your normal skin care routine easily.

How To Use It The Right Way

It should not be painful in any way, but proper use can ensure that it won’t be at all. Much like a razor, you want to hold the roller firmly but loose enough so that you can glide it across your skin.

Microneedling Roller Tools: Do They Hurt?

Good microneedling rollers are able to go sideways across your forehead just as well as it can straight up your cheek. If you carefully roll it across your skin, it can actually be an extremely relaxing experience. A lot of people find that it feels good on their skin.

If you find yourself using force or even irritating your skin, take step back and try a different approach. You don’t need to press or roll hard to see great results. Do it a few times a week with a couple days in between each rolling and you will notice great results.

Keep up with moisturizing your skin to help it recover and help your natural collagen response repair your skin into the best it can be. Microneedling roller tools do not hurt, they are simply helpful.

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