Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Hey all my lovely ladies,


Today I will be reviewing the King of all blending brushes- The Mac 217 Blending Brush. Ever since my makeup classes at VLCC I had used Vega Professional Makeup Brushes for my makeup as they were the ones which we used at our makeup classes. After finishing my course I tried a lot of makeup brushes from the drugstore but they didn’t make my eye makeup stand out. They just made my eye makeup look ok, nothing great inspite of putting in a lot of effort the results were not satisfactory at all. I was not that much of an eye makeup lover but since I started my blog last year I went through a lot of beauty blogs, watched tons and tons of makeup videos and in no time I became an eye makeup addict. First my eye makeup used to be just a wash on colour on my lid and a soft brown or taupe in my crease as my transition shade but ever since I started blogging I started experimenting a lot with my eye makeup.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

The problem with my eye makeup was that my colours used to spread more than I wanted them to and the whole look used to appear muddy, then one day while discussing this problem with a fellow blogger she suggested me to try out the Mac 217 for my blending purposes. I had seen almost every Youtuber and Beauty Blogger use the Mac 217 but I never thought that the problem with my eye makeup was actually the use of wrong makeup tools. Every Youtuber all over the globe swears by the Mac 217 and literally each and every makeup lover owns it. So after reading a lot of reviews I finally decided to buy the 217. The Mac 217 costs a whooping Rs.1800 and spending so much on a brush seemed too extravagant to me. I just could not see the feasibility on spending so much on just a simple eye brush but now that I own it I can say that it the most wise decision I made. I was really skeptical on buying it but the MUA urged me to buy it so I bought it and here I am with the review of the famous Mac 217 Blending Brush.

What Mac says about the Mac 217 Blending Brush:

A brush for the shading or blending for powdery or creamy products.

Full Description:

This brush has luxuriously soft, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. Mac professional Β brushes are hand sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel plated brass ferrules.

InStyle 2014 Best Beauty Buys: Best Eyeshadow Brush Mac 217.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Price of the Mac 217 Blending Brush: Rs.1800.

My Experience with the Mac 217 Blending Brush:

The Mac 217 had been on my wish list for quite a while now and finally I bought it. The Mac 217 comes in a very smart, sleek, black wooden long handle. The bristles are slightly tapered and are very densely packed. The brush is dome shaped which makes it perfect to fit in the crease area and makes the blending of eye shadows super easy and quick. This brush is actually hand sculpted. The bristles are very densely packed, they pick up just the right amount of eyeshadow that is needed and there are no fallouts at all. The bristles are silky smooth and very soft for using on and around the delicate areas of the eyes. It is not at all harsh on my eyelids. The bristles do not feel scratchy and it blends seamlessly. It helps to achieve the soft and gradient effect in my eye makeup. The bristles are made of goat hair. The classic Mac white bristles look so stunning and pristine that I didn’t want to dip the brush in the eyeshadows because they will never be the same again once you start using it. They stain a lot and even after washing it with a good brush cleanser they will never come back to its original colour.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Mac 217 is a multi tasking brush-it is just not great for blending eyeshadows, it is even perfect for applying cream and powder eyeshadows over the lid, to highlight the brow bone. It is a perfect blending brush and it feels very luxurious. Other blending brushes that I had used earlier were more fluffy but this one is a perfect mixture of fluffy and dense. The MUA at Mac used this brush to apply corrector and concealer on my under eye area and it did that job also perfectly.


I usually dip my 217 in eyeshadow and use the windshield wiper motion to blend the eyeshadows and it creates such a seamless and blended look with no harsh lines at all. Mac 217 is a very sturdy and durable brush, you can see it as an investment and you will surely not regret spending a bomb on it because it will prove its worth on its own. I have washed it around 10 times and not a single bristle has shed. I think this brush is going to last me for ages. The brush shape is intact, the bristles are all in good shape and condition even after using it for each and every day in the past one and a half month.

I think for all you makeup lovers or beginners who are just starting with their makeup journey should invest in a multi tasking brush like Mac 217. It is the most versatile brush ever, for sure. This brush has solved all my eye makeup problems, now I have the most blended and flawless makeup ever, all thanks to this miraculous brush.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Pros of the Mac 217 Blending Brush:

  • Blends seamlessly.
  • Multi tasking brush.
  • Picks up a good amount of eyeshadow and applies it evenly.
  • Can be used for both powder or cream products.
  • Natural goat hair brushes.
  • Super soft on the delicate areas of the eyes.
  • Fits in my crease perfectly.

Cons of the Mac 217 Blending Brush:

  • Expensive.

Rating of the Mac 217 Blending Brush:

I would give it a full 5/5.

Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

Would I repurchase the Mac 217 Blending Brush?

I think this brush will last me for ages but whenever I want to buy a blending brush again, it will definitely be the Mac 217.

Will I recommend the Mac 217 to anyone?

Definitely, I would recommend it to each and every girl who loves to do eye makeup, this one will make Β your eye makeup perfect.

Please do comment if you have any eye makeup brush that you guys swear by because I want to try out some more blending or eye makeup brushes.


26 thoughts on “Mac 217 Blending Brush Review

  1. For beginners like me this one really is very pricey. πŸ˜›
    Looking at its pros no doubt it is an amazing brush.

    • Alisha this one seems to be a pricey one but once you buy it you will surely understand its totally worth spending on it.

  2. Haven’t tried any brushes from Mac, this looks great! Nice review, Yamini πŸ™‚

    • Do try out Mac brushes,this one is such a great blending brush.Thanks foe liking the review Rakhshanda.

  3. MAC products are expensive but worth it. This seems like an amazing brush for beginners.

    • Safi this is an amazing blending brush and definitely a must have for everyone.

  4. This is certainly a great brush. I got a dupe of it from PAC cosmetics and that one is very nice too πŸ™‚ You should try it out! Thanks for all the lovely comments though. That is so sweet of you!

    • Harman I too want to try out Pac brushes as I have heard very nice reviews about them.Will be odering some Pac brushes soon and I am sure they will be of awesome quality.Harman I loved your blog a lot and your makeup looks are so beautiful.I loved all your makeup looks.

  5. This is the most famous Mac brush that I have heard of. I have a dupe.

    • Yeah Khushi this one of the most highly popular brush from Mac but definitely worth the price.

  6. This is one is raved brush. Lovely review πŸ™‚ I might go for PAC one for now, but one day I plan to make a huge investment on good brushes I’ll get this that time πŸ™‚

    • Swathi I have heard that Pac brushes are of awesome quality and I am too planning to buy some of them.Mac brushes are shit expensive and if we are getting the same quality for lesser price why not buy the less expensive ones.

  7. Looks great! Nice review!

  8. Great Post Yamini, brush looks so cool.
    xoxo, Neha

  9. Looks very expensive, great review πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Sonali…?

  10. By your review it seems totally worth investing in πŸ™‚

    • Anubhuti go by my word and get this one,it will change your eye makeup altogether.?

  11. This is on my MAC wish list πŸ™‚ I know it’s too pricey but MAC brushes are worth every penny of it! Great review Yamini πŸ™‚

    • Anamika Mac brushes are really expensive but they are worth the cost.I have heard blogger raving about Pac brushes these days,really want to try some of them.

  12. Its so pricey but then an absolute must have in the vanity.I use the Sigma E 25 Blending Brush which is said to be a dupe of this one.

    • Sneha I love this brush but I have heard that Sigma brushes are equally expensive. I have never tried Sigma brushes but would love to try them.

  13. I’ve been looking for a blending brush, I think this should do the trick πŸ™‚

    • Ankita Mac 217 is a great blending brush.This one is a bit expensive but I have heard Pac makes a similar blending brush for half the price.You should also check that out.?

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