Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

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For electric shaving routine to bear your kind of results, there’s need to stick to an elaborate pre-shave routine. Such a routine has a soothing effect for a close shave. It doesn’t matter whether you are shaving at home or you are at your favourites’ barber’s salon. Adhering to the pre-shave exercise needs to be a priority. Often time, people tend to get lost in matters such as choosing the best shaving machine or accessories. When you realize the importance of the pre-shave, you will always look forward to the next shaving session.

When prepping up for the shave, what you do before the actual shave is as critical as the cut itself. Whereas pre-shave routines are associated with the traditional shaving, it doesn’t point to some involving preparations. For electric shaving, you only need to ensure that the basic before shave practices have been observed. It’s the dry or wet shaving preference that should dictate the kind of pre-shaving routine to adhere to and the best electric shavers to choose.

Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

Dry Shaving Tips

Like the name suggests, it’s all about eliminating moisture from the process. The shaver and the skin should be as dry as possible. The best time for this is early in the morning before you take a shower. It’s advisable that you work with an electric pre-shave lotion or powder. These products are made to absorb and purge moisture, skin oils, and they create a lubrication buffer that keeps your strands straight.

Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

Charge and Oil the Shaver

Today, the best shaving razors come cordless. They will rely on batteries for power. Always make sure they are properly charged and with back up batteries where necessary. Some of the batteries barely hold battery power for long and you need to have back up. When the battery is down, the shaving can get messy leading to bumps or irritation.

Remember, you need to lubricate the shaver as often as you charge the battery. The maintenance requirements are manageable since it only takes a few machine oil drops on the blades or foil. It’s wise to clean the razors and get rid of debris oil or any build up that could lead to excess heating. There are self-cleaning shavers that will make your job easy.

Part of our pre-shave routine entails cutting your long beard ahead of time. These shavers don’t work well with long hairs. Consider working on them with a face hair trimmer to achieve the hair length that an electric shaver will manage.

Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

To make the job easy, it’s advisable that you star with the troublesome areas of the face. For instance, the neck area can be tricky. It makes sense to work on demanding areas and finish off with less involving ones. You need the energy and focus for the tricky parts. Always start with such areas before the razors heat up.

Wet Shaving Tips
Use Hot Water

Like with the conventional wet shaving process, start by washing your face with a light cleansing product and hot water. You can substitute this with a hot shower. Since the steam works on the hairs well. Consider your best shaving cream, but give it time to work on your hairs. High quality saving creams used with hot water work around the hair cuticle, this enables it to absorb water, softens and swells it. As such, it becomes easy for the razors to cut it easily. Remember, you don’t have to shave as soon as the lather hits your face. Apparently, you don’t have to use mounds of lather. A reasonable lather works just fine and it doesn’t affect the quality of a close shave.

Choosing the Right Safety Razor

Even when you have observed the rules of a pre-shave routine, you need to have the perfect shaving tools. There are brand upon brands of electric shavers. But not every shaver will be a fit for your hair or beard type. There are several factors to consider in the process. Aspect’s such as your beard type, shaving habits, exposure to irritation and the density of your hair.

Is the Pre-Shave Routine Important Before an Electric Shave?

Your electric shaver is giving you a relaxed feeling when you get down to shaving. In return, you need to show it some tender loving care. Other than oiling it, replace the blunt blades or worn foils. It will boost the performance of the shaver and save time with every shave.

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