How to Make a Face Bleach at Home

How to Make a Face Bleach at Home


Hi my friends,today I am going to share this super duper easy and home made face bleach for you.Hope you like it.It is very gentle on the face and does not cause any itching like the regular face bleaches available in the market does.

How to make a face bleach at home

Things required:

1.Milk powder.

2.Hydrogen peroxide H2O2

3.Rose water.

4.A glass bowl.

5.A face pack brush.

6.1 Spoon.



1.First of all do cleansing and toning of your face.

2.In a glass bowl mix 1 tablespoon of milk powder with 1 cap of H2O2 n 1 cap of rose water.

3.Mix well.

4.Now apply on face and neck with a face pack brush.

5.Leave it for 15 minutes.

6.After 15 minutes wash your face with tap water.

7.At last,spray rose water on your face.

This is an excellent mild face bleach which can be made at home with simple ingredients.It is very effective,try it out,you will definitely like it.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Face Bleach at Home

  1. Thanks for superb post !!! it look amazing. Sometime I use natural elements scrubs. Facial treatment are very important to remove dust, impurity and dead skin from face. Is H2O2 safe for sensitive oily skin? Organic and home made products are good for face because it dose not occur side effect. I love organic face wash & I keep it in my hand bag.I found a site for organic face wash & many tips for our skin care( luck.

    • Thanks Patricia for liking my post.I have normal to dry skin and this bleach works beautifully on my skin.I am not too sure whether H2O2 will suit sensitive skin or not,I would suggest you to do a patch test on the side of your face before you apply it to your entire face.I will definitely check out the site for organic home made products.Thanks a lot sweetheart.

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