Five Differences Between Social Drinking And Alcoholism

Five Differences Between Social Drinking And Alcoholism

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Social drinking and alcoholism are two completely different things.  Alcoholism will take over your whole life even if you cannot tell, but social drinking is something that comes in and out of your life with no problem.  Make sure that you can see the signs because this might be happening to you or someone that you love.  You also need to be sure that you have talked to people about this whether it is their problem or your own.  Openness can save a life when alcoholism has taken hold.

Five Differences Between Social Drinking And Alcoholism

  1. You Need To Drink

People who need to drink might want to start reading with so that they can see what the early warning signs are.  You get to the point where you have to have a drink just to calm down at the end of the day, and that is a big sign that you are an alcoholic.  Someone who drinks socially can take it or leave it.  They might only have one, and it does not impact their day at all.

  1. You Need The Party Experience

A lot of people who are alcoholics are going to use the party experience as an excuse to be drinking all the time.  They might seem like the life of the party, but they are using that party to drink as much as they ant.  They are deceiving you, and you do not even realize it because you are having a good time.  However, you have stopped during the party because you will not feel good the next day and al alcoholic will not stop.

  1. It Makes You Sick

Anyone could get sick from one night of hard drinking.  However, alcoholics seem to be sick all the time because they are constantly running their bodies through a gauntlet that they cannot recover from.  The alcoholic will take more days off of work, but they will not have any chronic condition.  They are simply drinking themselves to death.  A social drinker is not getting sick from drinking.

Five Differences Between Social Drinking And Alcoholism

  1. Alcoholism Controls Your Schedule

A social drinker can come and go from drinking at any time, but someone who is drinking all the time will literally have to set their schedule by the bottle.  That can make things very hard for you, and that can make it just as hard for them.  They never have any time to themselves, and they have to make time to drink that will cut into their social calendar.  They tend to isolate, and that is because they are ashamed.  Social drinkers are not ashamed.

  1. Depression

Social drinkers do not get depressed because of their drinking.  Alcoholics will get very depressed because of their drinking, and it will show in how they act.

Five Differences Between Social Drinking And Alcoholism

You need to be sure that you noticed the signs in yourself or someone else.  You need to be open and talk about this because that is the only way that it will ever get better or push someone to get help.

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