Five Clear Health Benefits of Kayaking

Five Clear Health Benefits of Kayaking

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Kayaking is a watersport that involves paddling. In kayaking, a double-bladed oar and a small boat known as a kayak are used. There are a variety of sizes and types of the boats available, depending on their use, but most kayaks feature an enclosed deck that covers the legs. The boat usually only accommodates a single paddler and sits low in the water, but tandem kayaks hold two people while some boats even hold three people.

Kayaking is a versatile sport that can be done in any body of water. It can easily be paired with other activities, like camping or fishing. To handle specific conditions different kayaks are designed. Rivers, lakes, oceans and even surf zones are popular spots for kayaking, and because of the different types, everyone that includes the beginners to the experts can enjoy this sport. You should plan a kayaking trip wisely as your whole experience would depend on atmospheric conditions of the area. There are many health benefits of kayaking, but the following are the five clear ones:

Five Clear Health Benefits of Kayaking

  • It Helps in Weight Loss and Improves Mental Health:

One of the greatest benefits of kayaking is that it helps in weight loss. It has been proved by a study that by paddling for one hour at 5mph, you burn around 400 calories. Along with that, this watersport when performed releases some brain chemicals which rapidly improve your mental health and also help to change your mood. Kayaking can be the perfect solution to relax after a hectic day. It also helps you to forget all the problems in the process.

  • It Gives you Strength and Makes you Strong both Internally and Externally

Kayaking can not only improve your cardiovascular health, but it also strengthens some major muscle groups. It is an amazing upper-body workout as the only way to move forward when kayaking is using your arms, back, and shoulders. These are the main muscle groups that you use when paddling. Executing a proper stroke requires every muscle in your upper body.

  • An Amazing Workout for Aerobic Fitness

It is one of the most important components of overall physical fitness. It reflects the amount of oxygen in the blood pumped by the heart and transported to the working muscles, as well as the muscles efficiency in using that oxygen. During kayaking, the constant exertion is required to paddle a kayak which increases the paddler’s respiration rate, which functioning his lungs and heart.

Five Clear Health Benefits of Kayaking

  • It Helps to Reduce Stress Levels of the Body

One of the five clear benefits of kayaking includes the decrease in stress level. It is a great workout to break the daily life induced stress. It not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but boosts your overall mood too.

  • It is a Vital Source of Vitamin D

Yes, it is true; kayaking is a great source of vitamin D. Regular paddlers never face the deficiency of vitamin D. Around 80% of this vitamin is gained through the Sun and kayaking is very helpful in this regard.

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15 thoughts on “Five Clear Health Benefits of Kayaking

  1. These are awesome benefits of kayaking. I was wondering if you have ever heard of Kayaking Yoga? It takes time to master, but it’s pretty beneficial as well.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi, never heard of Kayaking Yoga. Sounds interesting.

  2. Kayak fishing is very much relaxing. This is first time heard fo kayaking yoga. Interesting. I am passionate about fishing. I have a blog about fishing. It would be great if you use my web address anywhere on your website.

  3. My husband and I want to try some new sports this summer and we are thinking of kayaking, so I am glad that I found this article! You make a great point that when you kayak, you get a great workout because of the constant exertion of paddling. Also, I had no idea that it helps to reduce stress levels of the body and can actually improve your mood! I think that kayaking can be a great way for us to try new things while getting quality exercise!

    • Hi Rosie. Kayaking is a great exercise and can actually improve your mood.

  4. I have read your article very attentively really this is a very informative article. Your article would be benefited for a beginner of the angler. Thank you very much for sharing this article.

  5. Yes, it is true that kayaking can release the stress and recharge the body. I am fond of outdoor adventures and with kayaking, I have learned to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks for this! Xoxo. Cheers!

  6. A great article about kayaking. thanks

  7. My husband and I are thinking about buying a kayak that we can take on the lake this summer and I did not realize there are so many health benefits! The fact that it actually helps with weight loss and increases your muscle strength is a huge benefit. This way my husband and I can enjoy time on the water while also working out. Also, I like that you say kayaking is a great way to get much-needed vitamin D and I love spending time in the sun.

  8. Oh! Really! I love kayaking & fishing but didn’t have any idea about it’s health benefit. I have learnt so many things from you. Great post. Keep it up buddy.

  9. The health benefits associated with exploring nature doesn’t feel much of the work! and its really help you to relax and focus, for me, I believe it is better than the traditional gym but of course, we can’t do all day!

    Thanks for sharing the informative post 🙂

  10. In the article it mentions how when you kayak you get a lot of vitamin D from being out in the sun all the time. My family has a history of being vitamin D deficient and so I have been taking Vitamin D supplements since I was little. I would love to try this sport out to help me get more exercise and to help me get more vitamin D.

  11. Paddling is a low impact exercise that increases overall strength by engaging your entire body and improving your endurance. And don’t forget about the sweat from exercising under the sun!

  12. Usually, I just do it for fun and exploring… did know it has some health benefit not sure about it… but yeah thanks for listing it out 🙂

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