Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Hello Everyone,

Even the most fashionable people can commit a fashion faux pas. Sometimes, these fashion mistakes can be so subtle that we don’t even recognize them. Here’s a rundown on top fashion mistakes—see how many you’re making and how to avoid them moving forward.

  1. Wearing ill-fitting clothes

There are two scenarios this could happen: trying the over-size trend or hiding your body. While over-sized clothing is in trend and can be stylish, there are ways to be able to pull this off correctly. If you wear something too oversized, you’ll look sloppy and lose your figure.

Sometimes, we think that we can hide fat and bumps in our bodies by wearing baggy clothes, not realizing that this can actually make us look larger. The best way to look flattering is to get the right size and kinds of clothes according to one’s body shape.

Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. Wearing pants or trousers that are not tailored well

There are various kinds of pants that are in trend, but make sure you’re not looking messy just because they’re comfortable. Don’t wear pants loosely when they are meant to fit snugly. If your trousers are too long and you’re mopping the floor, have them tailored.

  1. Under-accessorizing or wearing too much bling

 Accessories can complete an entire outfit. It could be the perfect heels, the right bag or jewelry. Under-accessorizing could leave your well-planned wardrobe less stunning, and wearing too many accessories could lead to your audience cringing. Make sure that you aren’t too sparkly or “too full” with layers of jewelry, neck scarves or headbands. You can have statement jewelry like personalized necklaces that you can don daily without worry.

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Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. Showing too much skin

 Even if showing skin is in, too much skin can ruin the elegance you’re going for and turn you to being trashy instead. If you’re showing flesh on the upper part of your body, cover up down below and vice versa. A stylish way to bare skin is to wear midi and slinky dresses instead.

  1. Wearing the wrong bra size

 Wearing a bra a size smaller or bigger will not give you the right lift and support that your bust needs. Many don’t realize that wearing well-fitted bras actually make them look slimmer. If you are full-busted, there arebra hacks available for you too.

  1. Wearing stockings or foot socks with sandals and open-toe shoes

 Thanks to more innovation, there are now toeless socks that can be worn with open-toe or peep-toe shoes. There are even open-toe thigh-high stockings available online. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that you don’t wear socks that ruin an otherwise perfect pair of open-toe shoes! This is a fashion faux pas that conjures up the image of your dad wearing white socks with sandals—ew! Applying moisturizer daily will also give your legs a glossy look without the stockings, and make them healthier too.

  1. Wearing the wrong underwear

 You might think that underwear isn’t very important in terms of fashion mistakes because it’s under your clothes anyway. However, wearing the wrong underwear cut for your outfit will make your shape less flattering. Some underwear textures also may not go with your outfit and may show through or have visible lines. It is essential to wear the right underwear size to make sure that you are comfortable. Imagine the discomfort of underwear that sags or that is too tight. If you need another reason to go shopping for new underwear, tight underwear can also cause yeast infections in women and low sperm quality in men.

  1. Not dressing for your body type or shape

While it’s true that you can wear whatever you want, doing so will not always enhance your figure. With the help of visual style guides all over the internet, you will be able to determine your body shape, and the type of cuts or styles will flatter your body. For example, don’t pick clothes that cut on the widest parts of your body.

Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. Neglecting the tiny details

Sometimes we think that something is too small for someone to notice. The fact that you did notice that run in your stockings, coffee stain, or missing button means that others will too. Before you put something on, examine your clothes, and do the same after you’ve put them on, before heading out the door. These tiny details could say a lot about you, especially if you’re heading to work or an important event.

  1. Not dressing appropriately according to the occasion

 Most events have invitations that specify the dress code. As part of showing your respect to the host, make sure that you adhere to the dress code and get a better idea of the occasion by researching similar events. You don’t want to be under dressed or overdressed—it would be very awkward and uncomfortable for you to sit through the entire thing.

There are many fashion rules, and for sure, there are still other mistakes we might be committing. Nonetheless, make sure you avoid the basic mistakes by taking tips to correct them. Be more aware, but still be yourself!

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