Fashion Lover? 5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

Fashion Lover?

5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

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Clothes are expensive, and the struggle is real. When you’re looking at new trends online and your heart skips a beat, you know you need to buy what you see. It’s just a matter of having the money to spend on clothes. If your regular job helps to pay the bills and keep you fed, it’s time to pick up a side hustle to help you fund your passion for fashion. It’s easy to make some money online with the knowledge of fashion you already have.

1. Start a Blog

Start your own fashion blog. You know it all. You’re in tune to what’s on trend and you can summarize the entire history of your favorite designers. Monetize your knowledge. By creating a useful fashion blog with tons of informative posts, you can make money off of ads. You can also allow sponsored posts, where clothing companies can pay to be featured on your blog. It might take you a while to be profitable enough to drop thousands on trends the moment they hit, but the longevity and sustainability of a great blog is virtually unlimited.

Fashion Lover?  5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

2. Become a Freelancer

If you have skills that aren’t necessarily related to fashion, you can use them to make money online. If you have any experience writing, editing, designing, or coding, you can offer that experience up to the marketplace. Many people hire freelancers online. You can work from the comfort of your own home according to your own schedule with your own desired rates in place. This is perfect for busy college students who want to gather some extra income to expand their wardrobes.

Fashion Lover?  5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

3. Learn to Invest

Investment might seem scary, but it’s easier than ever before. Just learn to trade. The internet and mobile apps have made investing on the go a breeze. There’s enough information online that you can safely and easily teach yourself to make small investments. When you’re starting off, don’t invest anything more than you can afford to lose. Pick investments you can thoroughly research and feel comfortable with.

4. Sell Your Old Clothes

You might have given up on old trends a long time ago but left them in the back of your closet. If you have several years’ worth of forgotten passion piled up in a corner somewhere, you can sell it. There are plenty of online thrift retailers that allow people to list their old clothing for cash. If you have any old vintage pieces you don’t wear anymore, they’re likely to find eager buyers.

Fashion Lover?  5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

Get a mannequin and photograph your old clothes in natural light. List them with descriptions and relevant keywords on secondhand fashion or auction sites. Selling a few favorites from last year may get you the money you need to purchase a new favor this year.

5. Become a Trendsetter

Have you ever contemplated making your own clothes or revising the ones you already have? Do you like DIY projects? Are you deeply into fashion, with knowledge of what is currently trendy, and what is not? If a slight modification to a piece you already own would make it fit a current trend, you can make alterations yourself. You can take apart old things to make new things. You can go to the fabric store and set yourself up with a sewing machine. Make patterns, and create your own take on whatever is trending. You can make clothing and sell it online for a pretty penny. If you can’t afford the fashion game, join it. You might be the next best designer to hit the street.

Fashion Lover?  5 Smart Ways To Find Money to Afford New Trends

Of course, it always helps to shop sales and find thrifty alternatives to expensive pieces. There’s no shame in buying secondhand – especially if the newest trend is a returning one. Be as thrifty as you can and make a little extra cash.

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