Exercise Plus Computer Time May Boost Seniors Brain Health

Exercise Plus Computer Time May Boost Seniors Brain Health

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”Practice, practice makes perfect.” This is a slogan most of us have come across. Practically, this has been confirmed to be true. Likewise, bringing the brain into action consistently will make it perform better even in old age. There is also another common saying that what you do as a youth will be reflected in your health in old age. Therefore, physical exercise and using a computer can boost the brain health of seniors and slow down the loss of cognitive powers. This provides another reason to check out deca durabolin prezzo from a reputable seller to enhance your fitness capabilities.

How Exercise Promotes Brain Health

Before mentioning how exercise helps in promoting brain power, people need to know that a lack of exercise increases the depletion of white matter in the brain at a faster rate than the rate experienced by a person who exercises regularly. After measuring the cognitive performance of seniors, it has been concluded that a fit brain with a higher level of white matter performs better.

Surprisingly, all studies show that exercise improves even a brain that has started to lose cognitive power. When seniors are tested immediately after controlled exercise, they score higher than a day or two after the workout session.


Exercise Plus Computer Time May Boost Seniors Brain Health

Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest risk that seniors face today. It quickly depletes brain power and eventually leads to death. However, people who engage in exercise all throughout their lives are less likely to suffer this illness. Medical reports also show that doctors do recommend exercise to those who have started showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

How Computer Time Boosts Brain Health

Just like exercise, education has the ability to improve brain performance. This is because it enables the cognitive power to work and be alert for a longer time. Out of all education categories, computer studies and use bring the brain into full action as a person tries to solve various problems. Even though the computer performs most of the work, cognitive exercise is required to provide the inputs for the computer.

Seniors who spend some time with their computers and engage in activities like playing a game, doing research and reading computer publications usually make their cognitive power better over time. It works using the same concept as exercise through preventing the depletion of white matter rather than muscle.

Exercise Plus Computer Time May Boost Seniors Brain Health

Better memory and reasoning capabilities are the main results of reading more and using a computer more often, according to studies. It is for this reason that people in white-collar jobs, particularly those who advance their abilities through study, have higher cognition power in old age than those who are not literate.


Since the brain acts like a muscle, it will receive a major boost from exercise. It is not too late for seniors to start improving their brains slowly. There are some exercises and computer guidelines they can use; these are proven to be effective whether applied to the elderly or in younger adulthood. Those who are suffering from illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease can start to improve their thinking ability with these options as well. There is, however, a great need to have frequent cognitive tests to measure the progress.

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