How to Embrace Your Beauty Regrets

How to Embrace Your Beauty Regrets

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It all starts very innocently. A new trend appears and at first you don’t pay attention. Maybe you even think it’s all kind of silly. But soon, everyone is talking about the trend, so your interest piques. Should you try it? All the cool celebrities are doing it, so clearly this must be the ultimate form of beauty. We’ve all been fooled this way. We see something that looks really good on a famous person and we immediately want it. However, that famous person has a whole entourage of hair stylists, personal trainers, makeup artists, aestheticians and style advisors that are paid exorbitant amounts of money to make them look perfect. It’s not something you can compete with.

Our beauty blunders are mostly made when we’re young or inexperienced, but there’s always a way to fix them. Here are some of the most common regrets, and what you can do about them.

Over-plucked Eyebrows

Ah, the ‘90s. A flannel shirt around the waist, fountain head hairstyle, thick highlights, chunky shoes, brown lipstick, and let’s not forget the best one, string-thin eyebrows. Or rather, the worst one. Skinny eyebrows were all the rage for a long time, and then Cara Delevingne came and knocked everyone on their feet, first in England, and then all around the world. Women who weren’t blessed with naturally thick eyebrows panicked as the trends started shifting.

How to Embrace Your Beauty Regrets

If you have sparse eyebrows that you’ve been constantly plucking for years, don’t worry, you aren’t doomed. You can regrow your brows, but it may take a long time, from 3-6 months. The most important thing is to just leave them alone for a while. No matter how much you want to, don’t pluck. To help stimulate the growth, scrub them gently whenever you do your regular exfoliation routine. Consider getting some castor oil, because you can rub it over your brows and leave it overnight, and it will keep the little hairs protected. You can also use this on your eyelashes. Until your brows grow back, look at some makeup tutorials online that will teach you how to style them to look fuller.

Terrible Tattoos

Whether it’s the memory of a failed relationship or it reminds you of something else from your past, tattoos are generally one of the biggest beauty regrets that people complain about. They look so permanent, and they can sometimes be even embarrassing. Did you get on board the “infinity tattoo” wagon and then realised that every other hipster has the exact same one? Well, it’s not the end of the world. After all, you can remove them quite easily now.

How to Embrace Your Beauty Regrets

According to an Australian study, 34% of Australians who have tattoos regret getting them in the first place, and 1 in 7 want them erased from their body. Tattoo removal in Parramatta and other suburbs of Sydney is taking off because people are looking to get back to the natural look, and remove any mistakes from the past. Things aren’t much different in the US, where the number of tattoo removal procedures is on the rise. So, if you have ink on your skin that you don’t like, there are options. You made a mistake, and that’s fine. It doesn’t have to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Poppin’ Pimples

Teenagers are guilty of this, and it tends to lead to the worsening of acne and a lot of regrets in adulthood when they end up with a face full of scars. If you are still plagued by acne well into adulthood, or if you have leftover scars, then there’s probably a hormone imbalance in your body. What’s interesting is that acne seems to be a lot less common in undeveloped countries. Kitava Island, for example, is one of the islands that belong to Papua New Guinea, where pimples are virtually nonexistent. A study done on a group of 1200 Kitavans found that not a single person suffered from any sort of acne related condition. What’s their secret? Their diet. Kitavans eat plenty of fish, no processed foods and no dairy at all.


How to Embrace Your Beauty Regrets

To fight those stubborn spots, consider changing your diet and consult with a dermatologist who will prescribe you a treatment. In some cases, antibiotics may be given to fight the inflammation. Make sure to have a proper makeup routine as well, as some products can worsen your acne.

We all make mistakes. It’s not really a big deal until you make it into a big deal. Most of the things can be fixed, and every mistake teaches you a valuable lesson. Instead of worrying, look for help and learn what you can do to change things and make them more to your liking.

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