DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles



DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Hello my lovely readers,today I will be sharing my DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles with all of you.It is very easy to prepare and it is really effective when it comes to curing dark circles.I have been using this cream/serum under my eyes and on top of my lids for the past 2 months and the area under my eyes has brightened up.My dark circles have reduced to a large extent and the puffiness has also reduced.I will be sharing this recipe with you which requires just 3 ingredients,so let’s get started.

Products Required:

DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles

◦ 2 Tbsp of cold pressed Coconut Oil.

◦ 4 Vitamin E capsules.

◦ 2 Tbsp of Aloe-Vera Gel.

◦ 1 Glass bowl and a spoon to mix everything.

◦ 1 Glass jar to store the cream.

DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles


1.Take coconut oil in a bowl.

DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles



2.Now add aloe vera gel to it.

DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles


3.Take the 4 Vitamin E capsules, prick it with a knife and squeeze out the Vitamin E oil from it.

DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles


4.Mix everything together with the help of a spoon.


DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles


5.Store this cream/serum in a glass jar.


DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles


I prepare this mix and pop it into the fridge.When I have to use it at night,I scrap the needed amount from the tub and rub it between my fingers and apply it to my under eye area and on the top of my lids. Always use your ring finger to apply this because the under eye area is very delicate and sensitive so we do not want to be harsh on that area as it can damage the capillaries.


DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Be very soft and gentle while application.Dot the serum on the desired area and massage it in circular motions with very soft hands.Let it absorb into the skin and rub off the excess with a cotton pad.

Try out this cream/serum and do share your experiences.


8 thoughts on “DIY Eye Cream for Dark Circles

  1. Looks great. Will give this a try next !!

    • This is really very effective in ligthening dark circles Ramya.Do give it a try.

  2. Sounds like a nice DIY and it should be refreshing considering you can pop it in the refrigerator and use. Will give this a try.

    • Yeah Sangeeta it is indeed a refreshing one and it soothes the under eye area in summers.

  3. Really seems an effective gel cream for under eyes 😀

    • Really Mariyam this DIY works wonders.It has really lightened my under eye dark circles.

  4. I am gonna make this today!! thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

    • Yogita do try it out.It is very effective.

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