Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Hello Everyone,

This is a Guest Post by Jennifer Kurtz.

The Reign of Red

Women and a red lipstick is a combo as classic as Marilyn Monroe and as breath-taking as Margot Robbie which needs no introduction. Women over the civilizations have rocked a bold and daring red lip with whatever pigments and colors that were available at their disposal. The ancient Egyptians used crushed precious stones and bugs to paint their lips crimson while Queen Elizabeth 1 used a blend of beeswax and red pigments from plants.Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Trends have come and gone, eyeliner looks have changed and come back but nothing has or will ever the replace the reign of red lips! They made 100 years back and still a staple for women all around the globe. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, and Christina Aguilera have adorned the most beautiful shades of red and have termed it as their absolute essential makeup item.

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Expert Opinion

In the world of makeup and beauty, the gurus like Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, and Wayne Goss have always recommended pairing minimal eye makeup with a bold lip. Hence following the principle we will create a look that is perfect for daytime as well as a late night get together.

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Golden Smokey Eye with Red lips


Use a dip brow pomade along with a slanted brush to fill in the eyebrows followed by an eyebrow gel to keep the hair in place.


Take E.L.F Pro Eye-shadow Primer and use a small amount to prime your eyelids. This will stop the eye shadows from creasing and also help them stay longer.

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

Eye Shadow Palette

In order to create the gold smokey eyes, we will use the E.L.F Need It Nude eyeshade palette for this look. The shadows are highly pigmented and blend very easily which makes it a perfect choice for this look.

  1. Take the lightest shade in the palette and sweep it over the entire eyelid up till the brow bone, this will act as a base and a highlight. Take the matte baby pink shade and using a MAC 217 brush sweep the color in the crease to add depth to the eye. Pink and orange are two most used transition shades. Since this is a daytime look we will opt for a cooler pink shade.
  2. Take another clean brush and take the matte brown shade and start working it in a C- shape in your crease and focus the color on the outer part of your eye as well. This will add dimension to your look.
  3. Now taking the darkest matte brown shade on a clean blending brush, blend it with the other transition shades to fake a gradient like color palette on the lids. Always remember that blending is the key step in the execution of a smokey eye makeup.
  4. Now take a flat shader brush and press the golden shade in the palette on the top of the lids. Remember to dab and press the shade as opposed to dragging and sweeping!
  5. Take the highlight shade and apply it in the inner corners to give a more awakened look to the eyes.
  6. Take a mix of the dark brown and light brown shade on a clean pencil brush and sweep it on the outer half of your lower lash line.
  7. Using the E.L.F 3-in-1 Mascara, add a generous layer on upper and lower lashes for fierce eyelashes that steal the show!

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination


For this look, we will use a natural shade to enhance the cheekbones. Since a lot of attention has been given to the eyes, we would want to keep the cheeks as natural as possible. Take the E.L.F baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls and use it to highlight the high points of your face for a lit-from-within look.

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination


Take a clean lip brush and apply a thin layer of red lipstick to trace the shape of your lips and directly apply the red lipstick to fill in the lips. Add a layer of clear gloss in the center of the lips to make them plumper.

So that completes the whole look…

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination


15 thoughts on “Classic Gold Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Combination

  1. Gold + Red or Silver + Red are probably the best-est combination for makeup!

  2. Really awesome tips ! Totally agree that red lips go so well golden eye makeup.
    Nice post.

  3. This is a classic combo! I usually apply a toned down red like MAC Lady Bug to offset the eye makeup 🙂

    • Yeah Thripti, this is really a classic combo.

  4. A gold eye is such a gorgeous look. I love how it looks.

  5. Gold eyes red lips is amazing. Which is ur fav red lips?

  6. Red lips and gold eyes is amazing.. Which is ur fav red lipstick

    • Amrutaa my all time fave red lipstick is The Cult Favourite, Mac Ruby Woo.

  7. Loved the post!! Wanna see your FOTD darling <3 I love Lisa Elridge 🙂

  8. Gold eyes and red lips look is always the show stopper!

    • They are a show stopper Harshita.

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