Are Facials Really Necessary???

Hey guys,today’s article is on a very debatable topic that is,are facials really necessary or not.In my friend circle there is an ongoing debate about whether or not facials are worth the hype and the craze.Some girls love them and have regular scheduled appointments at various spas and salons.They talk about the relaxing experience,the deep cleansing their skin gets,the glow they have after getting a facial and so on.On the other hand,the other group just doesn’t understand the use of shelling away your money for someone to wash,exfoliate and massage your face,their argument “can’t you do that yourself at home?”

Are facials really necessary
You spend lots of money at an expensive salon or a spa for a facial treatment that promises to give you softer,younger looking skin but after a few days you wonder if it actually helped or not.One of the most commonly debated topics is if a facial is really worth the money you spend and does it really help.With beauty becoming paramount in a looks driven world,everyone wants to look their best.

Everyone has different opinions,some women have the notion that a facial is very important for their skin and some believe that it is a sheer wastage of money.When it comes to facial,everone has different expectations from a facial.I personally go for facials,to just get pampered and to de-stress myself.

Facials make you feel good about yourself.If your goal is getting a facial is just to get pampered,chances are good that you’ll find what you’re looking for.People who get their facials done often report feeling relaxed after the treatment has finished.
For others,a facial is just away to improve the look of their skin.The environment ,pollution,stress can take a toll on your skin and can dull facial skin.Your skin constantly sloughs off dead cells,these cells can clog pores and gives the skin an aged look.
Facials are believed to fix these common skin problems.They claim to rejuvenate your skin by getting rid of dead skin,deep clean pores,improve your complexion and skin texture,tighten your pores and so on.

Now this is a million dollar question,isn’t it??In this post I will share my opinion about facials ,some feel its beneficial,some say its not.Everyone has a different opinion on this topic so let the debate continue…
A facial really makes my skin squeaky clean,pampered,rejuvenated.I feel my skin breathes after a facial and most importantly it makes me feel happy and something good about it,so I personally LOVEEEEE facials.

As per their benefits,I would say facials do benefit our skin.You can’t say that facials do not do anything at all for your skin,it would be wrong to say so.No benefits or benefits,I feel,as a woman,it is good to get a luxurious facial done,we all require that extra bit of pampering once in a while,don’t we…
A facial isn’t a magic cure,you have to be willing to take proper care of yourself to look and feel healthy.Even the world’s greatest facial won’t do much good if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle or don’t work out.Love yourself,love your skin,take proper care of your skin.Skin looks and feels better after a treatment,even if it’s temporary.

What I feel is that facials do help to rejuvenate your skin,it does even out your complexion and it does surely does delay the wrinkles on your face.If you get your facials done religiously,every month,I do feel it helps to make your skin feel younger and it does delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Spa Facial Mask

Spa Facial Mask

So let the debate going on.I LOVE FACIALS and I guess every woman needs that extra bit of care to un-burden herself from the stress,work pressure,daily house chores.Give yourself some time and enjoy this pampering.
Please share your thoughts on this topic and stay tuned….

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