A Quick Review: How To Know If You Purchased High-Quality Virgin Hair

A Quick Review: How To Know If You Purchased High-Quality Virgin Hair

A Guide To Understanding How The Quality Of Virgin Hair Is Determined

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With virgin hair extensions, weaves and wigs becoming an increasingly popular trend in the beauty industry, more-and-more companies are joining this industry. It may seem pleasant that there are so many brands selling virgin hair in the modern world since the population is provided with a more extensive variety of products to choose from, but there are drawbacks as well. In particular, with too many choices, it becomes very hard to know which brand to buy from. Since there are many scams also going around, with brands promoting real hair but sending their client’s fake hair, another concern is raised.

For those who have already purchased a bundle of virgin weave hair and not sure if the hair is real or fake, we have compiled a list of some useful methods that can be used to identify the authenticity and quality of virgin hair. These are all practical methods that can help you identify whether hair is real or synthetic.

A Quick Review: How To Know If You Purchased High-Quality Virgin Hair

What Your Virgin Hair Bundles

The first test that you can use to determine if your hair is real and, of course, made from high-quality virgin hair, is to wash the hair. Human hair naturally forms a wave when it becomes wet – even if your hair is usually straight, you will notice a slight wave when you wet your hair. Take your virgin hair bundles and wash them – you can even just make them wet for this test. If they do not obtain even a slight wave, then there is a very good chance that you are holding a synthetic bundle in your hands. One of the best virgin hair brands is Mayvenn.  Their hair slightly curls in the natural way when wet because it’s real human hair.

Style Your Virgin Hair Bundles

Another good way to test the authenticity of virgin hair bundles is to style the hair using a straightening iron or a curling iron. Natural hair tends to keep waves and other styles that are applied easier than synthetic hair. If you find that it is very difficult to style the hair using these tools, then the hair is not high-quality and might even be fake.

Burn A Strand Of The Virgin Hair

Next up is the burn test – do not burn your entire hair bundle! Take out one or two hair strands and burn them. Most people know how natural hair smells when it burns – if you don’t, then consider taking out one or two strands of your own natural hair for this test as well. The hair from the bundle should smell the same as natural hair when burnt. Synthetic hair will rather give off a burnt plastic smell.

A Quick Review: How To Know If You Purchased High-Quality Virgin Hair

Smell The Hair

Virgin hair means the hair should not have been processed in any way prior to the manufacturing of the weave or extensions. This is why it is also a good idea to smell the hair you purchased. If the hair has a factory smell to it, then it is likely synthetic hair and not real virgin human hair. If you find that the hair has a chemical smell, then it has been processed, which means that, even though it might be human hair, it is most definitely not in a virgin state.

A Quick Review: How To Know If You Purchased High-Quality Virgin Hair


Buying virgin hair extensions and weaves can be a tricky task, with many companies promoting real hair, but sending their customer’s synthetic hair bundles. In this guide, we looked at how you can determine if the hair you have already purchased is real and high-quality. Ultimately, it is always a good idea to only buy from a trusted brand, such as Mayvenn Hair, as this would ensure the hair you receive is real virgin human hair and will last you for a significant period of time.

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