8 Types of Gift hampers that make your loved ones go ‘wow’

8 Types of Gift hampers that make your loved ones go ‘wow’

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Whether it’s festivities, birthdays, anniversaries or an announcement you intend to make, gift hampers are considered the best ways to present to your loved ones! These are the hampers you offer someone instead of a standard type of gift. Nowadays, you’ll be receiving lots of these hampers due to various reasons. And now, since you want to present your loved ones with these hampers, you are confused about which one would be the most preferable. So, here is the list of hampers that you should try gifting to your near and dear ones for special occasions and announcements.

1. Chocolate hamper

The chocolate hampers are so far considered the best gifts for your loved ones. You can include the homemade hampers or get the best ones from the stores to create a finely decorated and very tempted chocolate hamper. Such a hamper is recommended for birthdays, housewarming and even when announcing good news.

8 Types of Gift hampers that make your loved ones go 'wow'2. Skincare hampers

You get fabulous skincare gift hampers that include various kinds of skincare products like face wash, masks, scrubs, moisturiser, cream and so on. You can create a lovely hamper with these products and gift your girlfriend, wife, any woman in your life and even to your colleagues.

3. Self-grooming hampers

There are different self-grooming hampers for men and women to try when looking for an ideal gift for someone. For men, you can include beard and care products like oil, wax, comb, gel and a shaving kit in this! Women have some face care products like scrubs, masks, pedicure sets, hair straighteners, or curlers to make it a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

4. Stationery hampers

If a child amongst loved ones has a birthday, have passed a completion in good numbers or is coming in for a surprise, then go for a stationary hamper for this kid! It will include various attractive children’s items like books, colour pens, paints, pencils, pens, etc.8 Types of Gift hampers that make your loved ones go 'wow'

5. Self-pampering hampers

If you want to surprise your mother or father or someone special, then giving a self-pampering hamper is the most recommended gift for them! These mainly include bath bombs, scented candles, pocket massagers and so on, which are enough to please anyone you present them with!

6. Tea or coffee hampers

Best for announcements or even formal gifting, try the special tea or coffee gift hampers for your loved ones! These include various types of special tea or coffee and even a mug. If packed beautifully, it’s going to be a cheerful hamper for someone! 

7. Gourmet hamper

Gourmet hampers are distributed by and for the foodies around during special occasions or just when you have an announcement to make! You can include different items in this hamper like juices, cheese, dry fruits and so on! You can gift it to anyone regardless of their age and gender! 

8 Types of Gift hampers that make your loved ones go 'wow'8. Natural and organic hamper

A natural and organic hamper seems the best option for those who care for the environment and want to save the Earth at all costs. You can distribute this hamper to your loved ones when announcing your baby’s arrival or wedding and even when presenting a formal or housewarming gift. It mainly includes rare plants and some recycling items, and organic stuff! 

With these special hampers, surprise your loved ones and see a huge smile coming on their faces! 

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  1. Wow these are the worth gifting hampers

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