7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

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When anxiety hits you in the middle of the day, it seems as if all your attempts to curb it are futile. Pointless worrying, being afraid of everything, these are just two of the many things you feel that makes you think of yourself as a lesser person.

What is worse is that your productivity drops lower than ever. So then you are worried about that one thing, then you start worrying about all the things you are ditching for that one thing, it is a vicious cycle.

7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

In the end, you decide to sleep, knowing you will wake up totally frayed on the edges.

The good news is, that even if your next therapy session isn’t anywhere near right now, you can totally cope with this problem on your own. Just hang in there and read through these tips that have worked for many before you:

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a huge factor that controls anxiety. If you sleep well you will be able to think clearly all day long. You can, therefore, control your feelings of anxiety whenever you feel like it is getting too much for you.

If you find that it is difficult for you to fall asleep easily, you can take some natural stimulants like chamomile tea rather than drinking a glass of milk or regular tea. I personally believe that chamomile tea works wonders in giving you a stress-free sleep.

7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Be Self-Aware About Your Anxiety

Another thing you can do is try to be self-aware. By this, I mean that every time you start feeling anxious, assess your thoughts. Think about whether the worry is legitimate or pointless. If you are fretting over something little or about something that is not in your hands currently, catch yourself.

It may be difficult to let go of your worries immediately, but once you assess the situation and realize that there is no point in worrying about it at that moment, you automatically start working on more pressing matters.

Accept Yourself

If you are feeling socially anxious or something about yourself seems particularly irksome today, stop feeling bad. Accept that flaw as a part of you and tell yourself.

For example, if you think your hair looks bad no matter what you do, just look into the mirror and tell yourself “Haha, I look so off today.” Trust me, this can work wonders. You won’t have to pull off a self-deprecatory routine in front of your friends and you’ll probably be okay with yourself!

Get a Good Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to anxiety! Go buy tickets to a good stand-up comedy show, watch a funny sitcom online or just talk to your funny friend. Even if it is momentary, as soon as you are done laughing your guts out, you feel really relieved and as if you can take whatever life decides to throw at you.

7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

 Alcohol and Caffeine are not Friends

How many of us turn to alcohol and caffeine when we are feeling anxious? Many of us, I bet. You would do well to know that neither alcohol nor caffeine is good for relieving anxiety in the slightest.

In fact, new research has shown that both of these substances actually work hard in exacerbating the symptoms of your anxiety! So why do this to yourself? Instead, you can have decaf coffee or a nice piece of chocolate.

Another substance that belongs on this list is weed. No matter how much you think that weed makes you happy, it has been proven that it worsens your anxiety quite a bit.

Organize Yourself

Set a timetable for each day. List out everything you are going to do and for how long. For example, allot two hours a day to studies or any personal projects, some time to watching shows, etc.

Set aside a little time each day as amiscellaneous time. This is the time you can handle things that you did not fit into your schedule previously. So if any worries hit you up in the middle of the day, leave them for the misc. time. When you finally do reach this time, you will notice that most of your worries were baseless,to begin with.

Call Your Friends Over

If nothing else works out, call your best friends, siblings, cousins, or anyone who makes you feel good over to your place. Spending time with people you love is all you need to feel better sometimes.

7 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

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