6 Hair Rinses for Healthy and Shiny Hair


All of us want long,shiny,healthy hair but having a good shampoo and a good conditioner is just not enough,you need to put in that extra bit of effort to have those long healthy tresses.Apart from a diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins,a good hair oil masage,hair packs and hair rinses are the most integral part of a healthy hair care routine.Additionally keep your scalp and hair clean and nourished.


You can enhance the condition of your hair and scalp by using,homemade and all natural hair rinses.Hair rinses will help you achieve healthy hair and scalp by cleansing your hair and conditioning your scalp.

Hair rinses are literally treats for your hair and scalp.Homemade,easy,herbal hair rinses are packed with plant nutrients,minerals and antioxidants that help restore moisture and add shine to your hair,reduce hair fall,improve the condition of your scalp,relieve your scalp dryness,reduce excess oil production and promote hair growth.A hair rinse is applied to your hair after shampooing your hair,instead of a market bought hair conditioner condition your hair with homemade hair rinses.

The outermost layer of our hair shaft is called hair cuticle.It is a layer of overlapping cells.It is formed from dead cells which form scales that gives the hair shaft strength and protect the hair.The hair cuticle is the first layer of defense against all forms of damage,it acts as a protective barrier for the hair.Much of the hair shine is also because of a healthy cuticle.Hair cuticle may be damaged by external elements such as sun,wind and pollution.You need to have a healthy hair cuticle in order to have healthy hair.When the cuticle is in good shape,is healthy and unbroken,your hair has a smooth and healthy appearance.When the cuticle layers are tightly knit together,light is able to reflect off the cuticle,which make your hair shine.The cuticle of our hair opens up when we shampoo our hair so after we shampoo we need to close the cuticle to make our hair look shiny and soft.This is when a hair conditioner or a hair rinse comes into action.The main purpose of a conditioner or a hair rinse is to lock the cuticle of the hair that has opened up due to shampooing.

Conditioners that are available in the market are loaded with chemicals and silicons to give that extra shine to our hair,I personally do not like to dump those extrz chemicals on my scalp,I prefer to make my own hair rinses,that are herbal,packed with mild ingredients and can be made at home with the items that are easy available in our kitchen itself.
Today I am going to share with you some easy DIY recipes of some amazing hair rinses that I make for myself and they give me smooth,shiny,long and healthy hair and scalp.So let’s get started.
1.APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE:To begin with,first hair rinse is my most favourite of the lot,it is the ACV Hair Rinse.ACV means apple cider vinegar.I have long hair so I take 5tbsp of ACV,mix it in 1 cup of water ,mix it properly and pour it in a spray bottle.

I prepare this mix and after shampooing my hair I spray the entire solution to my hair ends first and then to my entire length and scalp.I massage it for a minute or so and then I wrap my hair in a cotton T-shirt.I do not rinse out the ACV rinse form my hair.It makes my hair super soft and super shiny.It is easy to make,it is chemical free and works amazingly on my hair,it does the same job as a hair conditioner.

5 hair rinses for healthy and shiny hair
2.ROSEMARY HAIR RINSE:Rosemary is one herb which is widely used for the treatment of hair loss.Rosemary also has anti-bacterial properties that can battle itchy and dry scalp.Rosemary is one of the most beneficial herb for your hair.It contains ursolic acid which helps to increase scalp circulation and reduces hair fall.I take 6-7 strands of fresh rosemary from my kitchen garden,wash it properly and then boil those strands in 3cups of water.When the first boil comes,I turn the gas to sim and then let it boil for another 10 minutes on low heat.After 10 minutes I switch off the heat and let the strands stay in the water for an hour or so.After an hour I strain the water and keep the rinse in a container.


As usual,after shampooing my hair,I dump the entire mixture on to hair scalp and work it till the ends.I massage it very gently on my scalp and work it on my entire hair length.I f you want you can add lavender essential oil to this mix also.After massaging my scalp and hair with this rinse I let the water drip from the hair and I wrap my hair into a bun and leave it.After my hair dries up completely I remove the tangles with a wide tooth comb and the way my hair feels after this rinse is out of this world.You have to try out this rinse yourself to see the amazing benefits.

3.LEMON HAIR RINSE:This is also very easy hair rinse and adds shine to my hair.Just squeeze two lemons in a cup of water and rinse your hair with this mix.Massage it into the scalp and let your hair air dry after that.Result will be soft and shiny hair.

4.BEER RINSE:Beer can also make an excellent hair rinse for your dry and lifeless hair.When you rinse your hair with beer,the natural ingredients coat each strand and give hair moisturizing benefits.

It has Vitamin B and in addition to that the malts found in beer are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body.I LOVE rinsing my hair with beer.I add 2-3 drops of rosemary oil to 1 ½ cups of beer and rinse my hair with it.Beer instantly lifts up my limp hair,giving it volume and shine.I add rosemary oil to reduce the smell of beer.

5.NEEM HAIR RINSE:Neem leaves are the best ingredient to use for treating hair loss.This hair rinse prevents dandruff along with itchy scalp and promotes hair growth.Boil a bunch of leaves with the stems in a litre of water.First boil on high flame and after a boil turn down the heat to sim and boil for another 10 minutes.After boiling let it cool down,add a lemon in it.After shampooing rinse your hair with the neem rinse and massage your entire hair and scalp with it.Do not wash it off.This rinse works as a medicine to my scalp.It cures dandruff and itchy scalp.Neem has been known to be the best herb with so many useful uses to it.

Neem-Leaves6.BLACK TEA HAIR RINSE:Black tea is an effective hair rinse.I take 3 tbsp of black tea and boil it in 2cups of water.After boiling the leaves I strain the tea leaves water and cool it.After using shampoo I apply the black tea hair mix to my entire scalp and hair.Massage it to my full hair and scalp.I do not wash off any of my hair rinses,I let them stay on my hair and scalp  and let them soak in.



I have stopped using conditioners on my hair after I made a switch to these herbal hair rinses.I am so glad that I made the switch.From using chemically loaded conditioners to these herbal hair rinses,the condition of my hair and scalp has improved drastically.My hair is much more bouncy ,softer ,shiny and healthy.You have to try out these hair rinses to see the benefits yourself.They are beyond my expectations.Do try out these hair rinses and share your experiences with me.

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